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Reviews Written by lisaakoo

May 25, 2011
this pen is great- its...
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this pen is great- its silver for expect it to be hard to read unless you tilt the white paper or something
but I love writing with its for fun!

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May 25, 2011
get this pen right now....
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get this pen right now. its awesome- it write like those old journal pages from harry potter movies! :)

May 25, 2011
I love this pen! its...
I love this pen! its super pigmented and the color is gorgeous. The glitters are a bit tinier than the copic spica ones but I like this pen more because its more pigmented. love this pen! wish they came is more variety of colors

May 25, 2011
Hands down the best pen...
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Hands down the best pen for writing. period.
0.4 works the best. I usually wirte in script and htis pen is perfect for it. too bad its kind of expensive...... ;(

May 25, 2011
I got these pens few...
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I got these pens few days ago..and they were slightly different from what I was expecting:
- Its not super well pigmented, so most of the lightish colors come out reallyyyy light.
- my favorite colors are the violets and turquoise.
- some colors are very well glittered whereas some are not ;( (purple is the most glittered, while colors like emerald and yelow you can barely see any glitters)
- compared to the wink of stella: stella pens come out much more pigmented, but will less glitter.

- the biggest thing that disappointed me was the pigmentation- I wish they were more pigmented!!

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