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The Best !!! My favorite...
November 13, 2010
The Best !!!
My favorite and beats all pencils way in every including style, comfort and mechanism.
Very versatile.
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Very Comfortable to use...extr...
August 26, 2010
Very Comfortable to use...extremely satisfied..However only thing that irks me is internal mechanisim is plastic..
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Dissapointed..!! The...
September 9, 2009
The cap portion broke easily within 3 days....and I had to glue it back...
My experience
1) Poor Quality...
2) Even though looks nice on photo, its not comfortable to grip.
3) Wasnt expecting a plastic barrel.

I would advise Pentel Graphgear 1000 or Platinum Pro Use II instead of this...Both of them are a class above any of the pencils featured here..
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Excellent pencil. Now...
December 25, 2008
Verified Purchase
Excellent pencil. Now among one of favorites in my collection.
However the eraser cap becomes loose sometimes.
Nice Al. Body and perfect weight !!
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