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Oh, it's so pretty! I...
December 3, 2014
Oh, it's so pretty! I love the Namiki Vanishing Point I've had for years. If only this came with fine point, I'd be all over it. I'm a little sad now.
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The pen body is nice...
January 9, 2014
Verified Purchase
The pen body is nice and sleek. I am not loving these Uniball refills though. Neither the ink that came in the pen nor the Uniball UBR-300 refill I purchased write worth a damn. Does anybody have another refill suggestion other than the GEL RT? I need a smaller than 1.0mm tip, preferably .5 or less. Thank you!
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I don't know why JetPens...
July 22, 2013
Verified Purchase
I don't know why JetPens carries this pen. It writes horribly even though it feels good in the hand. And those refills are not cheap, either, so I won't be buying anymore. I will just have a pretty, overpriced pen body.Seriously, JetPens, get rid of this pen until Rotring improves the ink cartridge!
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