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I ordered the Safari...
October 23, 2012
Verified Purchase
I ordered the Safari after using a Pilot Varsity for a few weeks and really liking it. According to all the reviews and information I found, it seemed like the Safari was THE go-to fountain pen. I agree with that assessment and I love the pen so far. However, I'm no expert on fountain pens so I won't even try to detail the technical aspects of this pen.

What I do think I can add though, is some perspective on the nib size as compared to the Pilot Varsity. I looked around for a comparison before I ordered and couldn't find one.

I was unhappy with the medium nib - it pours ink onto the paper. I've recently been working on improving my penmanship and the ink flow was far to fast/thick for me (likely because I'm writing slow and carefully). The medium nib produces a much wetter and somewhat wider line than the Varsity.

I was disappointed when I got the pen but I knew it was just a matter of replacing the medium nib with a finer one. But, how much finer? Having two options and not wanting to gamble again, I just ordered both the "Fine" and "Extra Fine" Lamy replacement nibs.

I tried the extra fine nib first. It definitely solved the problem of my letters bleeding together but it produced a much more narrow line than I wanted. I noticed it being a very little bit scratchy, but still easy and comfortable to write with; not quite what I was looking for though.

Next, of course, I tried the "Fine" nib. If you're familiar with the Pilot Varsity and like the line size, flow, etc. than this is the one you want. It's a little bit dryer than the Varsity but still a nice, smooth, dark line.
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