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Like a previous reviewer...
September 25, 2012
Verified Purchase
Like a previous reviewer mentioned. Sadly design of this pen has changed.
Prior to the change, this pen was one of my favorite EF fountain pens. In terms of smoothness and fineness, it outperforms many pens 10x the price. I bought another one as a backup two months ago. When I opened it today, I was surprised to that the pen looked different. Instead of the really long slender nib, the pen now spots a shorted stouter nib that is stiffer and not as smooth. Not that it mattered to me, but the metallic ring between the pen section and the body is gone as well. JetPens still has the picture of the older design on the site. The model number of the picture of the old pen says "11-0072-120". The new one spots a model number of "11-0073-120". You can see a picture of the new design at : http://sailorshop.jp/SHOP/11-0073-120.html. I wished I could have learned of the switch sooner.
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