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Reviews Written by mcvm724

August 8, 2013
I really appreciate the...
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I really appreciate the fast drying for copic proof and water proof and such, but what I don't like about it is that when it fast drys on my g pen, every time I take it off with water and a tissue, the ink comes off in pieces of chunks and that's when it messes up my nib badly. Comparing that to DELETER black 6, it's the worst I have ever tried for creating manga! DX

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July 19, 2013
Great pen for thicker...
Great pen for thicker spaces!! MUST BUY!! Cx

July 19, 2013
Man I just wish I didn't...
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Man I just wish I didn't rush too much to buy ink for manga, because this one, is totally the best for developing gloss to the character's perspective. The price at 5.00 is worth it to this amazing ink!!

July 10, 2013
This pen is one of the...
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This pen is one of the most extremely useful brush pens when creating manga. Not only it has the medium brush tip, but also the fine brush tip, which I liked the fine tip a lot for when I am filling in small spaces. For the medium brush tip, I would use it as my backup just in case my Chinese fude brush pen runs out of ink completely because right now, including fine tip brush pens and medium tip brush pens, I have a total of 5, that also includes this one! THIS BRUSH PEN FOR THE WIN!! YAHOOOOO!!!!!