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I love this pencil for...
January 22, 2010
Verified Purchase
I love this pencil for what it is, though I don't end up using it very much. The .2mm lead is super fine -- very nice for extra-fine detail work. The lead doesn't break as much as you might expect because of the sliding sleeve -- a wonderful mechanism that's also available on the my favorite pencil, the Pentel PS315. You just advance the lead once and don't let it stick out from the sleeve at all, and the sleeve will support the full length of the lead. The sliding sleeve also makes it so you don't have to advance the lead as often as with a fixed sleeve.

The only major drawback to this pencil (for me) is that on regular drawing paper (for instance in a sketchbook) it can snag on the uneven surface. I plan to try it on smoother paper, perhaps inkjet printer paper. I'm hoping that will make the pencil a little more usable.

Now if Pentel would only reintroduce their .3mm sliding sleeve pencil, the PS523, my collection would be complete.
I understand people's...
January 30, 2009
Verified Purchase
I understand people's objection to the short length of the refills for this eraser, but I don't know of any other eraser (other than perhaps electric ones) with the precision of this one. As an animator I need that precision all the time -- for cleaning up lines or just erasing exactly the part of the line that I want to erase. Tiny is awesome!

Speaking of which, this is a great eraser to use with the Pentel PG-2 pencil (Which uses super-tiny 0.2mm lead).
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