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Reviews Written by nviola34

February 16, 2011
this is so kewl! i love...
this is so kewl! i love green so this is perfect 4 me. i also like wen u take off da outer grip, the texture is cool. i highly recommend this for any person.

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February 14, 2011
this is the best ever!...
this is the best ever! i like how it retracts so it doesnt damage any pockets or other things. the color and design is awesome too. i always use this pencil since it writes really smoothly and cleanly.

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February 14, 2011
this case is SO awesome!!!...
this case is SO awesome!!! i bought one in Japan and it fits every one of my pens, pencil, erasers, highlighters, leds, and more. even my friend asked to buy it from me, but when i refused, he went and bought one himself and he loves it. its slim, and has nice color! :D