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This pen is wonderful....
April 18, 2013
This pen is wonderful. I dont spend a ton of money (any really) on nice paper and I have never had a problem writing with it. I've even been able to write on napkins. What really impressed me about this pen was how durable it is. This winter my pen fell out of my pocket in the snow and I thought it was lost and was saving up for a new one. Thankfully, my finacee found it in the yard before I actually made a purchase. Despite spending a couple weeks outside in various weather conditions (Chicago. what can you do?) it worked exactly as it did before I lost it. There were very minor scratches in the anodizing but much less tha what I epected would happen. If you are considering this pen I would definitely buy it. Writing with anything else (in the under $100 category) just isnt the same.
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This case is perfect....
February 26, 2013
Verified Purchase
This case is perfect. It currently holds:
2x Pilot Penmanship,
1x Pilot Parallel,
1x Manuscript Dodec,
1x Lamy Al-Star,
1x Sakura Pigma Micron
1x Sharpie
1x Pentel RSVP

14x Pilot refills,
11x Manuscript refills
4 Lamy refills
lamy, pilot, and manuscript converters
2x Manuscript Nibs
And its still only 2/3 full!!!

The case looks great, feels really well constructed and fits just about anywhere (even in the pockets of my winter coat).
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