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Very cute lightweight...
December 25, 2010
Verified Purchase
Very cute lightweight pen and the plastic grip is very comfortable to hold with the perfect length as well. Unfortunately, the downside is that the ink skips here and there, something that didn't happen with the single color acroball pens. A bit of a disappointment.
Disappointed. Pentel...
May 9, 2010
Disappointed. Pentel usually have excellent erasers (the Hi-Polymer block erasers and the original round clic erasers are excellent). This Ain eraser seems to be made of different material and is harder than the hi-polymer & round clic erasers. Sometimes, this also causes the eraser to not be able to erase cleanly at all.

I will stick with their 2 original erasers, which are the best in the eraser market in my opinion.
The 0.5mm is the smoothest...
January 17, 2010
The 0.5mm is the smoothest writer from this collection. The barrel will probably not last you through too many refills. I was using this pen exclusively with 3 pen refills and the plastic grips are not coming off and is stretched out. I used up 2 of the pen refills and almost done with the 3rd refill. The barrel is time for throwing out after my 3rd refill is done.
These erasers clean really...
September 3, 2008
These erasers clean really well. I love them a lot!
Pen is fabulous. I wouldn't...
June 10, 2008
Pen is fabulous. I wouldn't exactly call it a fountain pen as there is no metal nib that people normally associate with fountain pens.

Instead, the nib is almost rubbery? But the writing experience is wonderful. My handwriting comes out so pretty with this pen because the nib flexes. Ink is also a very nice dark black. I love it.
At first when I saw pictures...
June 10, 2008
At first when I saw pictures of this pen, I really really wanted it because it was so cute. I was a bit disappointed. Based on my experience with Ohto pens I own, I feel their products look cute in pictures, but are disappointingly low quality in real life when you actually feel the pen.

This pen writes on the thick side and is a bit scratchy. It only takes cartridges, and the steel grip is not comfortable to hold for longer writing sessions. I have since given this pen away.

I stay away from Ohto pen products now even though they look cute in pictures.
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I have tried tons of...
June 10, 2008
I have tried tons of gel pens. In terms of the best blue gel ink color, I think Pilot wins. I love the 0.5mm version because the ink flow is generous and is less likely to dry up or clog. I find with the thinner hi-tec-c points, the pen tends to dry out or clog very easily. I can hardly finish a pen without it dying in the middle.

With the 0.5mm, I don't have that problem.

If you like the color of this ink, I also suggest you to try the Pilot G-3 in blue 0.38mm. That's an extremely good pen (I feel it's even better than the hi-tec-c at a cheaper cost too). It might be 0.38mm, but it actually writes equivalent or maybe slightly thicker than a 0.5mm hi-tec-c.
Extremely cute pen that...
June 10, 2008
Verified Purchase
Extremely cute pen that writes very well. Wish I ordered more colors, but that'll have to wait until my next order.
The prettiest smoothest...
June 10, 2008
Verified Purchase
The prettiest smoothest blue ballpoint ink you will ever find. I have tried tons of pens and this is currently my favorite, along with the uni-ball Jetstream blue single refill.

I have brought 3 of this refill so I don't have to worry about it selling out and no longer available.
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I LOVE this pen so so...
June 10, 2008
Verified Purchase
I LOVE this pen so so so much! It have a very pretty pinkish/purplish body without looking teenybopperish.

Even though it is a gel ink pen, I have ordered the blue ballpoint Timeline refills to go with this pen and it works very well. The blue ballpoint refill is my most favorite blue refill and I have ordered several of them so I don't have to be scared that it runs out.

The gel ink refills weren't impressive to me at all. They weren't very smooth and I feel the Pilot G-2 refills actually writes better, but those refills won't fit this pen.

The pen works by a twist mechanism. It's also extremely comfortable to hold and write with for long periods of time. I have it out as my daily pen right now and I enjoy it a lot. It was definitely worth the pricey pricetag.
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