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Reviews Written by alblakeup

March 6, 2012
I felt quite differently...
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I felt quite differently about this ink. I thought it was much lighter and not what I had anticipated at all. I tried a cartridge in my Kaweco Sport Fine nib and felt it flowed more freely than the Kaweco cartridge I had used previously. The packaging is beautiful, but I might be giving these away. When I think "Sapphire" blue, I think of a more vibrant blue for sure. Lesson learned: check an ink swatch next time!

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March 2, 2012
I would give this pen...
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I would give this pen five stars for looks - it's downright sexy - but the extra-fine nib is scratchy. Maybe it's just my pen. Trying on a variety of paperstock and seems to only write semi-decently if I'm on extremely smooth paper. Hence, this probably won't be an everyday pen for me. I'll stick to my Lamy Safari fine nib or Kaweco Sports.