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i wrote a review yesterday...
July 18, 2013
Verified Purchase
i wrote a review yesterday and asked a question-which i have answered for myself! if you are a fountain pen user you may have tried to run a piece of thin paper between the nib and the part that's under it (?) to clear it. you also probably know that the paper fibers can get jammed up in there and cause more problems.
while ordering field notes memo books (expedition), which are made with waterproof paper, i realized that i have on hand the same thing that i use for outside work. by gently slipping a corner or clean edge under the nib and sliding it across i can get ink flow in about a second! no more scratching on scraps or bad words because my pen won't work. i keep it under my keyboard so i can just prime up my pen anytime-very handy and easy.
if you don't happen to have waterproof paper hanging around you might try a slip of tyvec-like fedex and other mail pouches are made of.
i hope this helps anyone who has experienced the frustration of their favorite pen behaving badly. blessings!
i really like this pen-when...
July 17, 2013
Verified Purchase
i really like this pen-when the ink gets moving, i can write forever with it. because of it's light weight, smooth barrel and crazy good value (so i don't have to get too upset if it gets lost or stolen) i keep at it-but would REALLY appreciate anyone's tips on getting that sweet spot primed up a little bit easier. my desk is covered with scraps of paper with scrathes and swirls-attempts to prime my little pen. ;)
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