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They ARE very nice to...
November 11, 2011
Verified Purchase
They ARE very nice to look at, and the best part is watching the ink dry up to reveal sparkling silver glitter underneath. The ink flow is rich and easy too, but...

...when I tried writing with these pens in notebook paper, the ink was so intense that it bled through to the other side! That was an unexpected surprise. So if you buy them, make sure you use them on thick paper! Otherwise, a great value for the money.
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A gorgeously rich, WARM...
November 1, 2011
Verified Purchase
A gorgeously rich, WARM green ink with golden undertones. Vibrant and "healthy" looking is what comes to mind. Bright, but not blinding---you can write with this in a notebook and still be able to read it without killing your eyes. How to describe it? The color 'pops', but sinks into the paper at the same time...so it balances out.

Ink is relatively dry-flowing, and I've been using it in my Ohto F-lapa (F nib) with no problems so far. I'm pretty sure if I flush the pen and converter between uses it should be all right.

There is shading in this ink, even in a fine nib. When I print words, the upper half of the letters is usually a lighter shade of green than the bottom. The closest color I can say is...hmm...the light parts are like fresh willow leaves in early spring (yellowish-green but still GREEN), while the darker parts are very close to the green color shown on the bottle labeling (would you call that...a kind of light pine/foresty green?). Compared to J. Herbin's Olive green, it's definitely a darker, more subdued green...just the way I like it.

All in all, a wonderful ink (if you don't mind that it's drier than others, though I've yet to try it in another fountain pen). If the rest of R & K's colors are this bright, I might consider buying more! Royal Blue and Salix are definitely on my list of consideration, and Scabiosa too---as soon as I find a nice experimental pen to try it out with, since it's an iron-gall ink.

Incidentally, I also loved Kaweco cartridge inks, and that's another German company...German companies really do good jobs with their fountain pen inks~
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Yes, the pen clip has...
October 3, 2011
Verified Purchase
Yes, the pen clip has a pretty tight grip on the pen, but you have to hold on to the round part (the part that's wrapped around the pen) when you want to clip it to something thicker than a few sheets of paper.

The clip itself (err..the "tail" part, meaning the section that you actually use to clip the pen to other things) is very strong, so you really have to push it up to attach it to things. Of course, this means the clip has a strong grip, but that's not very useful when your pen goes flying off in the process of clipping it to something else.

The first time I tried to clip my Kaweco pen to a notebook, that happened and I nearly had a heart attack before catching my pen in mid-air.

I guess the trick is to hold on to your pen by the round part of the clip before clipping it to other things...to ensure that the entire pen gets clipped, not just the pen clip.

Otherwise, it's shiny, pretty, and totally adjustable between Kaweco pens!

(Sorry for the excessive use of the word "clip". I couldn't think of a better synonym...hope this makes sense as a review, too.)
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Hmm, I wouldn't call...
October 3, 2011
Verified Purchase
Hmm, I wouldn't call this a light purple....you know how blue-black ink is like...black ink with undertones of blue? This is like black-purple ink...purple with undertones of black. Very faint black, but nonetheless it's there.

I think the color of the cartridge box is a pretty accurate measure of the ink itself when it dries. It's a bit richer when you first write with it.

Still, I agree with the "neutral" hue statement. Definitely not overly flashy or shiny. It's a muted purple, calming and perhaps even a bit dry, but that's where its strength lies: in its sensible, straightforward coloring.

I use it for notes and doodles and everything in between, and like how it blends in with my black and blue inks without standing out. Plus, every time someone asks me about the color, I get to tell them a cool name.

"No, this isn't purple ink...it's -aubergine- purple ink!"

Never mind that I'm probably mispronouncing aubergine and that the ink comes from a cheap-looking international cartridge. The point is that it looks flawlessly elegant and dignified on paper.

And the packaging is cute too. Just look at all the pretty flourishes on the side!

This is why I love Kaweco so much.
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It's beautiful! It's...
October 3, 2011
Verified Purchase
It's beautiful! It's smooth! It's classy and shiny and perfection all rolled into one hardy package.

It attracts attention when I write, because of its unusual shape when closed. I get a kick out of people going "whoa!" when I take off the cap and reveal the nib.

The only little thing that annoys me is the screw on/off cap, but that's because I'm impatient and like to write as soon as possible. Also, people who aren't used to screw caps nowadays tend to try to pull off and push on the cap when they use this pen, which causes for much confusion and explanation. I guess that's part of its old-fashioned appeal, heh.

Still, this pen is a winner through and through. Ink flow is smooth...like writing on a thin layer of cream with every line. It's completely converting me to a Kaweco pen, and I'm even thinking of buying a medium nib next (even though I don't like thick line pens)!
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I was expecting a rich...
September 28, 2011
I was expecting a rich blue-black...didn't matter if it was more blue or more black, as long as it was intense...

But it seems like the Ohto Blue Black refill is more granite gray than anything else. When compared to the black ink cartridge that came with my fountain pen purchase, the difference is even more striking. It's like...faded black ink! =(

If you repeatedly draw over your lines, then yes, you can get a good blue black effect, but that's a lot more work than needed.

I wonder if the color was affected because I used black ink before the blue black ink? But even then, wouldn't the ink be darker, not lighter?

Anyways, that was my experience. Tell me if yours is any better!
This pen is very nice!...
September 24, 2011
This pen is very nice! A little slippery to hold though, so not good for pen tricks, ha. My friend recommended it to me when I wanted to try out fountain pens for the first time. It's definitely beginner-friendly (as long as you're a responsible, sensible user) and ink cartridge installation is a breeze.

The ink itself flows pretty consistently, with very faint scratchiness if you write at extreme angles. Right now I'm using the original ink included in the pen (it comes with 2 cartridges in the body) and it's a nice solid black, though sometimes it comes out watery. But I think that's only because I dropped it once, and something came loose (it made a weird metal jingling noise whenever I shake it or tilt it now). Not to mention the nib became bent off-center so I had to gently use my fingers to maneuver it back into place. (It was surprisingly cooperative.) Before the fall, the ink flow was virtually perfect.

Though...funny thing is, I accidentally dropped it again a few days ago, and the jingling noise disappeared. Hopefully whatever it was fixed itself!

Overall, I'd rate this pen to be reliable, classy, and portable. I also like how it's a lot lighter than it looks, so my hand doesn't get tired when writing it. Treat it well (as in, better than I do) and it'll serve you faithfully.
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