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This by FAR is the best...
February 11, 2013
Verified Purchase
This by FAR is the best pencil case you can buy. It will hold all of you utensils and anything else. Buy it when you can because they go out of stock fast!!
I had this pencil for...
February 11, 2013
I had this pencil for a long time and I loved it. The grip holds tight to your fingers and the weight of it is perfect. The grip is a little bit firm. Unlike A gels the grip is harder to break. It is a 10 out of 10.
Best pencils ever!!!...
October 12, 2012
Best pencils ever!!! I had one of these and I loved it, but I lost it. I will buy again!!!!!!!!!!
I have never seen the...
March 19, 2012
I have never seen the mechanism work but i don't watch it and it comes with diamond infused lead
as your the rest of the...
May 9, 2011
as your the rest of the reviews mine is better I do not see why the grip makes a difference to the pencil it does what is says it will
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I'm the person who owns...
April 14, 2011
I'm the person who owns the white one ^^^^^^^^
I am very pleased with the pencil because my brother gave it to me and he found it on the ground at his school
Holly **** I really want...
March 31, 2011
Holly **** I really want this it looks so cool!!!
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