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I just received my black...
February 26, 2011
Verified Purchase
I just received my black 600 today. I ordered it as soon as I noticed they were back in stock a few days ago. Just got it yesterday! Super fast shipping (I used the free standard).

As for the pencil itself, it's lovely. I disagree with those that said it was too heavy for extended writing and work. I just worked 5 hours of differential equations homework and it was a joy to use. Don't get me wrong, it's not a lightweight pencil, but it sits very comfortably in my hand. It's very solid, and I can just tell it's going to last me years.

I like the finish of the black. It's not smooth metal, it has almost a powdercoat feeling, a slightly rough matte feel. The grip is not overly-rough in my opinion. The points of the knurling are flat, and it feels solidly planted in my hand.

I use Pentel Ain High-Polymer lead in it (HB) and it performs flawlessly. Nice and dark and no breakage. It feeds nice, with a satisfying "snick" as the lead advances. The mechanism feels very solid, and advances consistently.

A quality pencil well worth the money. The only down side I can see would be the guide pipe possibly breaking (as others have said.) I am careful with my things, however, and this shouldn't be a problem.
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