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For as cheap as this...
October 17, 2013
Verified Purchase
For as cheap as this pencil is, and as few complaints I have, what's not to love?

Its mechanism never has failed on me, although compared to other shaker pencils it does require quite a bit stronger of a shake (which I seem to need to do quite frequently, more on that in a moment). The grip isn't all that comfortable though, it's kind of a hard rubber. It's definitely not soft. I wouldn't call it uncomfortable though, I can take notes for a class with it with no problem at all. It is definitely a heavier pencil though, thicker too -- which leads me to my one real qualm with it. Because of its weight, I feel that I end up applying a lot more pressure when I write with this pencil, causing me to end up laying down a thicker line. I have really small handwriting, and so this isn't the greatest thing for me, but at the same time, I do enjoy writing with this pencil a lot. If you don't have super tiny handwriting, this is definitely a good pencil to pick up!
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I'll give it this --...
October 17, 2013
Verified Purchase
I'll give it this -- it works as intended.

It works, it's never broken on me, so I don't feel justified in giving it less than a mediocre rating, but at the same time, I do dislike this pencil. I hardly ever write with it, compared to my alpha-gel shaker pencils or my kuru togas. It's mechanism feels cheap (and is cheap) as well as the plastic grip just seems kind of low quality. Like it might start degrading or something.

As someone mentioned previously, the eraser is actually super easy to lose. I lost mine for about a week once, it was kind of funny.

The other thing is, it's a fairly thick pencil, and I have really small handwriting, so that kind of makes things difficult for me.

If you want my opinion, go get an orange AirBlanc. They're beautiful pencils, and the 0.3 lead size is amazing. They're also >$5 and feel like much better construction.
I found this pen and...
October 17, 2013
I found this pen and the ink that came with it of very high quality.

The body of the pen is very sleek, overall great aesthetics in my opinion. Definitely a plus.

The ink dries quickly, is waterproof and smudge-proof, which is great for any kind of watercolor sketches or any kind of art. The 01 nib is pretty smooth (although it does catch on the page rarely (albeit very rarely) but that's usually when I'm using it when writing and not drawing and applying a little more pressure than I probably should).

I love the fact that the pen body has room to store an extra ink cartridge so that you always have a spare ready. The line the pen lays down is very consistent, flow is great! The only real complaint I have is about comfort -- the threaded grip area is not so great for holding for extended periods of time, but that really depends on how tightly you grip your writing utensils.

Overall a great buy for as cheap as it is. I would definitely recommend it to anybody looking for a precision nib that doesn't want to have to mess with a dip pen or manga nibs and a holder.
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In response to the other...
October 6, 2013
In response to the other reviewer: uhhh.... did you look at the dimensions or the description? It's a pair of scissors to go on a keychain that has all of a .9 inch blade... what were you expecting? The smoothest gliding scissors you'd ever purchased ever for the great price?

Anyway, on to a legitimate review:
[Preface: I'm a student, all my stationary goes towards academic purposes]

I have a Lihit Lab Teffa Pen Case ( http://www.jetpens.com/Lihit-Lab-Teffa-Pen-Case-Book-Style-Orange/pd/7667 ) among several other cases and I definitely love throwing these in my bag so that I can cut a small section of a sticky note or something to paste in my notes when I need to add some temporary detail, or just anything along those lines. Definitely when I need to trim something in the middle of class, they're totally awesome to have.

A star was deducted because as the other reviewer mentioned, they really aren't the best scissors ever and they can be difficult to open sometimes, but once you've got them open, they totally do their job. They're also a lot of fun to have -- a girlfriend got them for me as a gift and they seem very toy-like to have, both kinda cute and functional.

The price might be a little bit much, but I totally enjoy having them.

I could never get this...
August 21, 2013
I could never get this pen to write smoothly -- The only reason I give it the rating I do is because I loved the ink color that came with it! I could get it to write for maybe two or three sentences and then it would bug out on me and wouldn't write and I'd have to apply a ton of pressure on a blotting sheet so I could get the ink to flow properly again. I hope I just got a dud and that I can expect higher quality in the future from Kaweko -- my other experiences with them have been great.
I really regret dishing...
February 13, 2013
I really regret dishing out the money on this one. It's made me very sad.

My two biggest complaints are 1.) Construction and 2.) Lead-Feeding

Now don't get me wrong, I think it has a wonderful body, but it could use some better mechanisms. What so specifically makes me cringe is the cap on this pencil, the cap rattles ALL the time, not a very snug fit. The bottom and actual mechanisms are all well done, except for this cap. If I'm going to dish out $45 on something I can buy for $3, I really want it to be perfect, y'know?

2.) Feeds WAY too much lead for me! I may press fairly hard, but I'm not someone who breaks their lead in all their pencils, so I think it's telling that I constantly break lead in this pencil.

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Hey guys, i know you...
August 8, 2012
Hey guys, i know you guys are all excited about Signo ink, but i have news. Jetstream refills fit this.

So do what you will with this information. Just on the side, completely irrelated, a jestream pen with alpha gel is more. Just in case you want a very smooth writing comfortable pen.

The cheap comfort of this pen and its refillableness warrant the five star rating I'm giving it. I will make no comments about its horrible inconsistent skippy atrocious ink.
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If it were purely a question...
August 4, 2012
Verified Purchase
If it were purely a question of quality, I would give this product a 5/5 star rating. However, the cost of this lead ($3.30 for 15 sticks) makes it nearly a quarter for every stick of lead you use. I think the prices are too high.

The quality of the lead is outstanding. This lead rarely breaks, chips, or smears. The lead is quite noticeably darker than HB, something more in between what I would call B and 2B. Maybe we need to call it 1.5B (hahaha). But in all seriousness, if you're looking for a darker lead for every day writing, this lead isn't too soft at all for practical use.

I use this lead almost every day in Kokuyo notebooks, I find it improves my small handwriting and provides a darker line without being more difficult to erase whatsoever or more easily smudged.
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I thought I was getting...
December 31, 2011
I thought I was getting a great deal for a pencil that had a retractable nib, but no. The nib has TOO much wobble in it. The retractable nib makes no difference to me if the nib is a piece of junk. The nib wobbles about a full millimeter in whatever direction you aren't trying to move the pencil.

It's a nice design, but terrible mechanics. Only reason I give it more than a 1 star is because if held at gun-point, I might be able to bring myself to use it. That, and it's better (in some regard...) than a pencil that didn't have a retractable nib with the same amount of wobble. I'd give it a 1.5 if I could.

TL;DR Bad pencil, too much wobble.
I posted my review for...
November 11, 2011
Verified Purchase
I posted my review for it a little while ago, and read that if you want to know absolutely how GLORIOUS this pencil is, but after several months now, I came back and saw a couple more reviews (and I'm considering getting another color...not sure which yet) and one user posted "it's cheap enough so I'm not worried about losing or breaking mine."

HOLDUP. Just cuz it's cheapo don't mean I don't love it like my heart and soul. If I lose this, I will die. So beautiful.

Basically this is all to say that it's such a high quality pencil I feel like I'd have lost a $10~$15 pencil if I lost it... Gladly, I will be able to replace it if I do lose one... I love you, Jetpens. Marry me.
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