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I love love LOVE this...
August 18, 2011
Verified Purchase
I love love LOVE this Multi-Pen. Due to the overall positive reviews on all models of this pen, I decided to take the plunge and purchase two bodies (one black and one clear).

As a student, color coding notes makes things easier to find and emphasize. What better reminder can one have than bold red ink screaming TEST MATERIAL next to an organic chemistry mecthestren the strength of this pen lies in its ink. I'm not a fan of ballpoint pen because it smears, but I am quite fond of using multicolor pen during lectures. All they sold in my local brick-and-mortar shops were those BiC ballpoint multi-pens. Being an office supply nerd, I was pretty determined to find a gel ink multicolor pen. This comes pretty darn close to my ideal. The colored (RGBlackBlue) ink flows out of the pen smoothly, with much less smearing compared to my old BiC ballpoint.

I don't use the clip at all, but I imagine it would be somewhat difficult to use the clip (which doubles as the plunger for the black barrel) when it is depressed. In terms of ergonomics, the barrel is the perfect size for my hand (I have big hands, so I like thicker barrels). It's definitely thinner than the BiC though. I can't attest to long-term longevity yet, but this pen has survived being jostled around in my pencil bag and tossed aside for the past four weeks of class rather nicely.

Overall, I highly recommend this pen.
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