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Long long time ago, I...
February 7, 2013
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Long long time ago, I used to work for a Japanese automaker..name starts with "H". The organization was structured in such that each department was headed by a technical advisor (TAD) -- who is a Japanese and has considerable number of years in the department. Anyhow, to cut this story short, he had a wonderful pencil that he used to write with... I always admired his pencil and obviously let him know as well. He told me that he will get me a pencil when he goes back to Japan during vacation. It so happened that I moved on before he could get me a pencil. Now, the story begins ... I'm a fountain pen & mechanical pencil enthusiast. Over the years, my dream to get this pencil kept glowing .. I was sure I will get it one day. Irony was, I remember the design of the pencil but did not remembered the manufacturer's name.
Today, on Feb 7th 2013, I was searching for a mechanical pencils with a cap and manufactured in Japan. Hoping that I will be able to see my familiar design once again. I stumbled upon this website. Eureka!! there it is ... I found it!! Not to mention that I have already purchased the pencil and thought I will share my story with everyone. Waiting to get it in mail next week.
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