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Reviews Written by weosule

May 14, 2009
What a great fountain...
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What a great fountain pen! An excellent hand fit for those who prefer shorter pens, very good build quality and a reassuringly expensive sounding 'click' when you put the cap on. Couple that with a wonderfully smooth Fine point nib and you've got an excellent fountain pen for an excellent price.

I must beg to differ with the previous reviewer regarding colour, if anything the Prera that I received is not as bright a green as that shown above. Mine is a slightly lighter shade, not as 'loud' as the product photo, and tends more towards a 'lime' or 'grass' green than neon; when I took it out of the package it didn't scream GREEN!

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May 8, 2009
Now then, this pencil...
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Now then, this pencil case is a bit special! The surface, although hard foam plastic, has the look of smooth leather about it though, its being plastic adds a degree of firmness to the construction which will be ideal for protecting those treasured pens/pencils. Stands very well when open though it doesn't roll down like a NeoCritz, not that it needs to as the contents are still easily accessible and the case is surprisingly stable for something so narrow. Looks every inch the executive pen case.

I bought mine to house my favourite fountain pens when on the road and it's proving to be ideal for the purpose - I usually carry three fountain pens so as to have a variety of nib sizes/inks available as I travel.

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