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When KC Green did a sketch...
January 29, 2012
Verified Purchase
When KC Green did a sketch for me using this pen over three years ago, I asked him what kind of pen it was and where he bought it. He pointed me here, and ever since, it's the only pen I've inked with on a regular basis. I've tried plenty of other disposable brush pens, and while this pen isn't perfect, it's as close as I've found. The one and only weakness is that if you draw too much too quickly, it will get a bit dry and won't leave a clean line. Aside from that, it's a beautiful stiff tip that doesn't require anywhere near as light a touch as most other brands. If you usually use Wacom tablets and want to find a brush pen for when you're not at the computer, this is the pen for you. I never go anywhere without three of these in my pencil case.
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