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Reviews Written by abe.camiro

August 22, 2013
I bought this pencil...
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I bought this pencil purely on aesthetics. It is beautiful to look at and I love staring at its crystal-like top. The round/triangular grip is pretty comfortable. It is slightly triangular. One thing I wish for it to be a bit shorter. The ergonomics of the top does rest nicely on the hand but you would either need big hands or hold the pencil closer to the middle. I personally hold the pencil closer to the point. If you happen to wrap your fingers around the pencils then this pen is perfect for you

August 22, 2013
I ordered because I like...
I ordered because I like to staple scratch paper and hand outs to my notebook and other papers and I love that this is made out of recycled materials. I feels nice in the hand and punches papers together easily. It does however max out to punching 5 pieces of paper. I tried punching 6 pages of printer paper and it wasn't the easiest punching and i would hate to break it by pushing its limits. Other wise its pretty handy to hand and super cute!

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