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Reviews Written by albertopizano

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Uni Shift Pipe Lock Drafting Pencil - Color Body Series - 0.5 mm - Red Body with Smoke Accent - UNI M51010.15
  I have this one and the..., July 19, 2011
I have this one and the silver version in 0.5 It's a cool looking pencil, and the metal grip is awesome. Give's it a bottom heavy feel.

If I were going to nitpick, it would probably be on the plastic top portion, but overall, it's that plastic that gives the bottom heavy feel the pencil. and it's awesome you can retract the tip and put it in your pocket.

If only they could combine the retractable tip + kura toga mechanism, made out of metal, that would be the ultimate pencil.
Pentel Graph Gear 1000 Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm - PENTEL PG1015
  I have this Pentel Graphgear..., July 19, 2011
I have this Pentel Graphgear 1000, the Uniball Kurutoga, and the (2) of the Uniball PipeShift mechanical pencils, all ordered from JetPens.

I have to admit, this is probably the best one of the bunch. I thought the Kura Toga would be the best, and it is very good, but this one is longer and feels more precise. It's all made of aluminum I believe, which gives it a sturdy dense feel, but it's not heavier than the Kura toga. It' super precise and has a flashy, durable, quality feel to it.

Definitely, one of the best pencils I ever used and I use it for writing.
Uni Kuru Toga Roulette Model Auto Lead Rotation Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Gun Metallic Body - UNI M51017 1P.43
  I just bought this, as..., July 11, 2011
I just bought this, as well as the Pipe Shift Uni pencil. I actually like the Pipe shift better kind of, it's really close tie.

This pencil is more evenly balanced, and the mechanism that gives a straight line is really cool. I had to write and pay attention to notice the feature though, some may not notice it. But you can see the lines are more consistent etc...

The ONLY reason I give it 4 starts instead of 5 is because it's not 100% metal body, only the bottom half is. And the "nib" is not retractable, though I know that would be difficult to do since it already has the other mechanism in it.

This is an incredibly solid pencil, and annihilates any other pencil you would find in the USA (I'm from Indiana) or wal-mart Etc...

I do prefer the Pipe shift for some odd reason though; i think it's a different concept and I like the fact that I don't have to worry about breaking the nib.

You really can't go wrong with any of these pencils from Uni. I plan to get some more in different colors, and maybe try out the Pentel graphgear
Uni Shift Pipe Lock Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm - Silver Body with Blue Accent - UNI M51010.26
  This is a great pencil...., July 11, 2011
This is a great pencil. It has a "bottom-heavy" feel which lessens the force needed to apply the pencil to the paper. The metal bottom half of the pencil (knurled) grip is amazing, it's my favorite feature. The upper part is plastic made, and you can definitely feel that the bottom portion outweights the top portion by a lot.

Like someone else said, when the pencil is locked and the "nib" in retracted ,the pencil has "loose feel" due to the pipe shift mechanism. But when its loaded and ready to go, it has a TIGHT feel.

It's a great concept, and great way to protect the nib and allow it in your pocket. It writes great, and because of the lower weight, you don't have to apply that much pressure. It's really cool looking too, I purchased the one in silver.

I only give it 4 stars because if the upper body where made from a metal, and more tight feeling, it would be perfect.
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