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Disappointing! I decided...
July 28, 2011
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Disappointing! I decided to try this out, thinking that many of the complaints would be user error, but no matter how I experimented with it, I couldn't get it to work in a way that was useful. Plenty of correction fluid comes out when I press gently, but it comes out somewhat erratically -- it takes a moment to start, then gives a thick blob of white-out, then thins out a bit, difficult to maintain a steady flow. It's also very thick, raised quite a bit from the surface. As others mentioned, using this pen WILL dent the surface of standard sketchbook paper -- in order for the white-out to flow, you have to use enough pressure to push the little ball tip back into the pen, and even before the pressure is great enough for fluid to emerge, it dents the paper. The tip also clogs after each use, requiring cleaning between uses, sometimes midway through.

Application challenges aside, the greatest problem with this pen is the correction fluid itself, which really reduces this pen to junk for me. I might have been able to use it for whiting out larger areas in drawings, but unfortunately, once dry, the semi-gloss white-out fluid DOESN'T TAKE INK. All of the pens I tried -- including ball-points, Pilot Pocket brush pen, Zebra sign pens, and others -- would bead up on the surface, some barely leaving a line at all. The beaded ink on top of the white-out doesn't seem to dry, smearing and wiping right off even after 20+ minutes. Totally unusable.

I also purchased the Uni-Ball Signo to use as a correction pen. In contrast, the Signo covered black ink lines cleanly, dried slightly more matte, remained much flatter on the surface, and after dry, took ink well from all of the pens that I tried. It didn't cover *quite* as opaquely white, but it's easy to go over thinner spots a second time with this one. The one real advantage of the Whitia over the Signo is that the Whitia is water-proof, while the Signo will come off with water.

Regardless, I highly recommend the Signo over the Whitia. It's cheaper, too.

http://www.jetpens.com/Uni-ball-Signo-Broad-UM-153-Gel-Ink-Pen-White-Ink/pd/ 380

If anyone knows of a white pen as usable as the Signo but also waterproof -- I'm all ears!
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