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Reviews Written by siena.stevens

February 4, 2014
The Pilot G-2 is my favorite...
The Pilot G-2 is my favorite daily-use pen, and, apparently, I'm not alone as it's the #1 selling pen in America. Soooo... why doesn't Pilot offer this multi-colored set in .38 mm??? I'd never use another pen (this is a lie) if they did! Please, Pilot - more colors in the .38 mm G-2!

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February 4, 2014
This is the perfect shade...
Verified Purchase
This is the perfect shade of yellow. It's a warm golden-y / orange-y yellow and is a welcome change from the horrible fluorescent yellow highlighter.

Almost perfect save for the fact that the color bleeds through 20 lb paper. Honestly though, this is not enough of a problem for me that I won't purchase this highlighter again. I bought the full set of five but really just find myself reaching for the blue, yellow and pink so I'm purchasing those colors separately.

If you're looking for another "soft" colored highlighter that doesn't bleed through, try the Essenti highlighters.

January 27, 2014
My daily pens are the...
My daily pens are the Pilot G-2 .38 mm and the Pilot Hi-Tec-C pens. If you like either of those, you will probably like these just fine.

I prefer both pilots to these Signo pens, however, I use the Signo pen exclusively in my chemistry classes where my papers / notebook is very likely to get wet. These are waterproof and my lab notebooks are no longer a big blur after class! Also, the plastic box / case they come in is very generous in size and is perfect for storing additional highliters, pencils, erasers and paperclips. Highly recommend these pens!

January 27, 2014
Just FYI - this highlighter...
Verified Purchase
Just FYI - this highlighter is SUPPOSED to be soft / pastel. It is great for use in my math classes where I use pencil. Heavier / darker highlighters make it very difficult to see pencil marks but this highlighter leaves pencil completely legible. I've tried going back to the regular highlighter styles but they are too dark.

I took off half a star because the paint on the body of the highlighter flakes off making the highlighter look a little "janky." Another half a star because they don't last quite as long as "regular" highlighters. I am purchasing more now!