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This pen does great when...
March 25, 2012
This pen does great when I'm filling areas that need to be inked, especially the larger ones and a few effects. I got Micron and Faber Castell brush pens, but after using them for a bit, they start to leave clumps behind, so I only use them for emergencies and small areas.

I recommend this for anyone who draws!
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A friend of mine got...
July 2, 2011
A friend of mine got me this in a trip and it was so useful for my drawings that I got multiple refilling packs! I won't be running out of this eraser anytime soon!

It has been so good getting to the smaller areas that my bigger erasers couldn't get to as easily when I'm doing an all pencil pic.

I recommend any artist who needs help getting the smallest areas in their pictures to use this!
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This is a wonderful case!...
July 2, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is a wonderful case! It has gotten rid of any worries of me losing my mechanical pencils and eraser sticks! I was worried it wouldn't fit in a pocket of my bad at first, but it proved me wrong!

Even with my mechanical pencils, eraser sticks, and a pack of a brand of pens I use, I still have room for more! I usually use the spare pocket to roll up the strap and tuck it in.

It has also been useful with keeping everything together when I bring it out. It can easily rest on recliner chair arms and still keep everything together.

I may decide to get another one in a different color, in the future for the rest of my pens.
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