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These are great. While...
June 14, 2010
These are great. While I was taking my final exam, the pen I was using started hurting my hand to write, so I used the fine tip for the remainder of the test, and it worked perfectly! :)
I have never found a...
April 25, 2010
I have never found a single flaw with this type of pencil. The shaker is very high quality, the grip is comfortable and it has a nice design overall. I LOVE that you can put your own pictures inside of it. It's so cute!
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this eraser is much better...
November 6, 2009
this eraser is much better quality than similar american versions. the american versions have much thicker erasers so you can't erase small mistakes but this one is the perfect size. it's also a convenient size for your pencil case too! plus it is sooo cute! this is an awesome eraser altogether.
This pencil case can...
September 24, 2009
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This pencil case can hold absolutely everything you need. I love the big pocket on the side of the inside for holding flashcards or small notebooks. It's great for both girls and boys because the outside design is so simple. Though it's not as super cute as some other pencil cases, it gets the job done.
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