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Reviews Written by superdan_lamb

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Zebra 4C-0.7 Ballpoint Pen Refill - D1 - 0.7 mm - Black - ZEBRA BR-8A-4C-BK
  I would highly recommend..., January 13, 2011
I would highly recommend that if you are considering purchasing ballpoint pen refills for your Sharbo X, you should stop for a moment and consider what you'll be using it for.

If you need something that dries quick on any surface, then this may be your best option. However, in my opinion, the quality of line and smoothness of writing is on par with a run-of-the-mill bic pen. I stocked up on 3 pens worth of ballpoint refills and was shocked at how average they write.

If you want to lay down richer, more saturated lines, with smoother strokes, go with the gel refills. I have tried the 0.7s and and they are wonderful.
Zebra Sharbo X Ballpoint Multi Pen Refill Component - D1 - 0.7 mm - Fluorescent Light Green - ZEBRA BR-8A-4C-N-KLG
  When I first ordered..., January 10, 2011
When I first ordered this refill, i was excited about the great colour. I expected it to be as vibrant as a gen ink refill but I was sadly mistaken. The color seems very weak on the page, almost illegible. Also, it doesn't write as smooth as the gel refills.
Ohto C-310P Ceramic Roller Ball Pen Refill - 1.0 mm - Blue - OHTO C-310P BLUE
  This pens ink flow is..., January 7, 2011
This pens ink flow is terrible. It skips constantly.
Kokuyo Kadokeshi 28-Corner Eraser - Medium - White - KOKUYO KESHI-U700N
  Smaller than I expected,..., August 19, 2010
Smaller than I expected, but still great. It tends to get really dirty really fast, so make sure you keep it in the included sleeve.
Pentel Ain Supplio Nanotech Scented Pencil Lead - Positive - 0.5 mm - HB - PENTEL XC265HBR
  yummy!..., August 19, 2010
Pentel Ain Supplio Nanotech Scented Pencil Lead - Healing - 0.5 mm - HB - PENTEL XC265HBG
  yummy!..., August 19, 2010
Staedtler 925 Family Drafting Pencil Eraser Refill - Pack of 5 - STAEDTLER 92R
  You can never have enough..., August 19, 2010
You can never have enough of these babies! Hard to find!
Pentel Z3-1 Mechanical Pencil Eraser Refill - Set of 4 - PENTEL Z3-1
  You can never have enough..., August 19, 2010
You can never have enough of these babies! Hard to find!
Pentel Sharp Kerry Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Red Body - PENTEL P1035B
  Great design. and the..., August 19, 2010
Great design. and the lead can even be advanced with the caps on the back end!
Staedtler 925-25 Silver Series Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm - STAEDTLER 92525-05
  You just can't go wrong..., August 19, 2010
You just can't go wrong with the 925 series. They are perfect.
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