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Reviews Written by lainapox

July 19, 2011
My goodness, what a smooth,...
Verified Purchase
My goodness, what a smooth, creamy line! The only thing that would improve this would be a pivot-clip (like the Zebra pens). I am smitten!

July 4, 2011
I was hoping that this...
Verified Purchase
I was hoping that this notepad would have the same hard cardboard backing as many of the other Mnemosyne notebooks do. Unfortunately for me, it does not - it has the black floppy cover on both front and back (you can see it in the pictures, but I guess I didn't pay enough attention). However, it still has the great Mnemosyne quality smooth paper, clean perforation, and top-notch quality ring binding that rarely, if ever, bends out of place. I glued a piece of cardboard that I cut from a different Mnemosyne notebook (which I had already used up) to the back cover, and now it is completely acceptable (though a little unsightly).

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July 3, 2011
A perfect WhiteCoat pocket...
Verified Purchase
A perfect WhiteCoat pocket notebook! I would recommend it to anyone in the medical field (or any field where you have to carry a notebook in a large pocket). It has a hard back, unlike the Mnemosyne "to-do" notepad, which has a floppy back without any support for writing with the notebook in your hand. Smooth paper, like all the other Mnemosyne notebooks. I'm probably getting at least 3 more!

June 16, 2011
The bad: The ink doesn't...
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The bad: The ink doesn't flow very smoothly - there is a lot of skipping. The alphabet ring in the middle is not only useless, but it also gets in the way and creates a break in the middle of an otherwise smooth pen-body.
The good: The rubber grippy part goes all the way down to the tip of the pen! This is probably my favorite thing about it, since I hold my pens much farther down than most people.

June 12, 2011
The grip is wonderful!...
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The grip is wonderful! It's a weird kind of soft - I would compare it to memory foam, but rubberier. However, the ink doesn't flow as smoothly as I'd like, which makes me generally disappointed with this pen. It's a pleasure to hold, but the line leaves much to be desired. I guess I've been spoiled by Slicci.

October 25, 2010
Surprisingly smooth!...
Verified Purchase
Surprisingly smooth! I did not expect a pen this inexpensive to be enjoyable to write with at all! Quite to my surprise, it was smooth, lightweight, and a pleasure to write with. My only complaint is that the barrel/body feels really flimsy and cheap (it's light and doesn't feel like it'd last as long as the ink). I guess you get what you pay for, right?

October 11, 2010
Please restock!! (Amazing...
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Please restock!!

(Amazing notebooks. Perfect tiny squares, soft smooth paper, clean-rip perforation. I could not ask for a better notebook!)

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October 3, 2010
I have loved every Mnemosyne...
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I have loved every Mnemosyne notebook I've tried so far. This is one of my least favorite (my favorite being the 8x11-or-so 5mm gridded one), but that's not saying much. The paper is smooth, which makes it an absolute delight to write with very fine tipped pens. My only problem with it is that I wish the lines were spaced closer together (for those of us with small handwriting, this is important because it feels like we waste so much vertical space with widely-spaced lines!)

Other than that, I like that there are three "sections" on each page - most of the lines are made of tiny dots, but there are three solid lines (one at the top, one 1/3 way down, one 2/3 way down) that separate the page into sections. They aren't exceptionally obvious, so if you want to use it as one continuous page, it wouldn't look weird or anything, but if you do choose to separate the page into thirds this makes it very convenient. I use this notebook for taking notes in class - since usually about 6-10 different topics are covered per class, I use 2-4 sheets each time and take advantage of the separations.

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October 3, 2010
This is an amazing notebook....
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This is an amazing notebook. The paper is smooth, especially when writing with gel ink pens. The grid boxes are tiny, which is wonderful if you have small handwriting so you're not wasting half the height of the line. It's great for those who don't take notes in just sentences (for example: if you include pictures, diagrams, flow-charts, graphs, tables, etc) because the lines help to visually space everything out evenly and neatly. The perforated edge is perfect - it doesn't rip if you don't intend for it to, but if you do start tearing it it comes off cleanly (without any of that annoying tearing-into-the-page-3cm-from-the-end junk).

Be aware that the grids are only on ONE side! The other side is blank. I like it, because it means I don't have to write on gridded sheets if I don't want to (for example, if I'm drawing a big diagram that doesn't require or benefit from gridlines), but it might annoy you if you expect this notebook to provide double-sided grid-ness.

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October 3, 2010
I use this as a wallet...
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I use this as a wallet when I don't need coins, tons of store loyalty-program cards, etc. This EASILY fits at least 5 bills($$, I mean), license, health insurance card, 3-5 credit cards, and maybe a little more if you try. I love this thing. It fits in most, if not all, of my jeans' pockets, so I don't have to carry a purse all the time.