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I have this pen with...
September 19, 2013
Verified Purchase
I have this pen with the cartridge converter. I also own the Lamy Safari in a Fine nib.

"Extra Fine" is relative, I guess. When I ordered an extra fine nib, I was expecting something like 0.4mm-0.6mm, but this is larger than that. It's still entirely usable for filling in documents, but if you were hoping to do some ultra-tiny note taking or anything of that level of precision, this is likely not fine enough. For everyday writing, though, it should be okay.
Do NOT go for the "Fine" nib even if you are worried about scratchiness, unless you are aware that it's not fine at all (at least 1.0mm)

Otherwise, this pen is amazing. Smooth, beautiful, and the clip is sturdy enough that I don't worry that my fidgeting will be too much for it. The cartridge converter is easy to use, even for someone who is a first-time fountain pen user like myself!
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This pen body is the...
January 2, 2012
Verified Purchase
This pen body is the best of the Hi Tec C Coleto Lumio line. I also got the pink one, and it was markedly lighter in weight and cheaper-feeling overall. This one is very sleek-looking because of its matte exterior, and it feels heavy but not too heavy in the hand. The metallic pink one felt very "cheap plastic"-y, at least to me.
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This is the dorkiest...
December 12, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is the dorkiest thing I've ever owned, and this is coming from someone who regularly spends embarrassing amount of money at jetpens - multiple times a year. It's super convenient, especially if your job is something that requires you to carry around all sorts of tools, writing implements, notebooks, etc. I have only worn 1 pouch at a time, and I've fit 3 tools, 5+ pens, wallet, mini-notebook, tissues, and candy into it, with room to spare! It is ridiculously dorky-looking, but that's a cost-benefit analysis for you to do on your own.
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Very good for labcoat...
November 6, 2011
Verified Purchase
Very good for labcoat pockets or scrub pockets. Large enough that there is space for actual meaningful information (and not just 1-2 word phrases on each line), but not too large that it's cumbersome to carry around. The exact right size.

This paper thickness is also ideal - I would compare it to somewhere between 24lb paper and thinner cardstock. It's definitely thicker than regular paper. The lighter paper varieties of this notebook are too thin for me, but others may prever them. I dislike them because even if the ink doesn't transfer to the sheet below, the imprint or indentation will.
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I wish the cover was...
August 13, 2011
Verified Purchase
I wish the cover was thicker and more solid. The book is the perfect size, and the ribbon bookmark thing is very useful. I glued (with a dot-roller) some thin plastic between the notebook and the brown cover, which solved the floppiness issue, so now I can write in this notebook without putting it down on a desk or other surface!
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My goodness, what a smooth,...
July 19, 2011
Verified Purchase
My goodness, what a smooth, creamy line! The only thing that would improve this would be a pivot-clip (like the Zebra pens). I am smitten!
I was hoping that this...
July 4, 2011
Verified Purchase
I was hoping that this notepad would have the same hard cardboard backing as many of the other Mnemosyne notebooks do. Unfortunately for me, it does not - it has the black floppy cover on both front and back (you can see it in the pictures, but I guess I didn't pay enough attention). However, it still has the great Mnemosyne quality smooth paper, clean perforation, and top-notch quality ring binding that rarely, if ever, bends out of place. I glued a piece of cardboard that I cut from a different Mnemosyne notebook (which I had already used up) to the back cover, and now it is completely acceptable (though a little unsightly).
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A perfect WhiteCoat pocket...
July 3, 2011
Verified Purchase
A perfect WhiteCoat pocket notebook! I would recommend it to anyone in the medical field (or any field where you have to carry a notebook in a large pocket). It has a hard back, unlike the Mnemosyne "to-do" notepad, which has a floppy back without any support for writing with the notebook in your hand. Smooth paper, like all the other Mnemosyne notebooks. I'm probably getting at least 3 more!
The bad: The ink doesn't...
June 16, 2011
Verified Purchase
The bad: The ink doesn't flow very smoothly - there is a lot of skipping. The alphabet ring in the middle is not only useless, but it also gets in the way and creates a break in the middle of an otherwise smooth pen-body.
The good: The rubber grippy part goes all the way down to the tip of the pen! This is probably my favorite thing about it, since I hold my pens much farther down than most people.
The grip is wonderful!...
June 12, 2011
Verified Purchase
The grip is wonderful! It's a weird kind of soft - I would compare it to memory foam, but rubberier. However, the ink doesn't flow as smoothly as I'd like, which makes me generally disappointed with this pen. It's a pleasure to hold, but the line leaves much to be desired. I guess I've been spoiled by Slicci.
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