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Reviews Written by lainapox

October 3, 2010
I agree with the other...
Verified Purchase
I agree with the other review - I wish this thing had refill instructions in English! Also, jeeze, this thing is EXPENSIVE! It works, as long as what you're trying to cover up isn't on glossy paper (matte is best, like regular paper). If it's glossy, it will smudge even if you let it dry for several minutes before touching. But yes, it does work. There are probably less expensive alternatives out there, but if you're Mr.Moneybags, this is certainly an effective product.

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July 27, 2010
I made a stylus for my...
Verified Purchase
I made a stylus for my ipad out of this pen! I glued (krazy glue) a piece of sponge to it, and it is a much better stylus than anything on the market! This is because the entire pen body is metal. As a pen (its intended function), this is fine. Small, compact, absolutely tiny. It is a good length if you put the cap on the back end. Perfect for a small women's purse or clutch, or for any other small space.

February 6, 2010
I have all three sets...
Verified Purchase
I have all three sets (I do a lot of highlighting). The grey one is the BEST HIGHLIGHTER I HAVE EVER USED (and I do not take writing in caps lightly). Seriously, this is the best highlighter. It highlights, but reserves the really super important highlights to brighter colors. It lets you know what the important information is without making you inclined to overlook the rest of the text. It's like a little star next to a paragraph (vs. a bold paragraph), but more specific in what the little-star is referring to. Then you could mega-emphasize the ultra-important information with brighter colors.

I would get a pack of just grey highlighters if I could. Instead, I will probably just get 2 more of this set.

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December 24, 2009
These notebooks are really...
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These notebooks are really small, they are not the size of the average US notebook. However, that's not a bad thing, especially for outlining before exams or trying to consolidate information. I tend to color-code my classes, and I've found it nice to have one regular-sized notebook for taking notes and doing work along with, in the same color, this tiny one for preparing for exams. My favorite thing about this notebook is that the paper is just so soft and smooth and hasn't given me a single papercut (yet). It feels especially smooth when I use my Hi-Tec-C pens to write in it.

November 28, 2009
Scissors can't be all...
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Scissors can't be all that interesting, right? Well, yeah, you are right. But I can say that these are remarkably comfortable scissors! I use scissors a lot, almost on a daily basis, and these are really great and don't leave my hand sore or tired after using them. There are these delightful rubber cushions all around the inside of both finger-holes, making the grip really comfortable and preventing any points of pressure or pain from gripping the scissor too tightly. It's still just a scissor - there are no bells or whistles or bluetooth laserbeam magic jetpacks - but it is much more comfortable than any other scissor I've used. I will be getting another pair.

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