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I'm a big fan of the...
May 4, 2013
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I'm a big fan of the Jetstream pens, but this green baby is my favorite! I'm a pen snob, and this series is the best! Smooth lines, easy, comfy grip, and snazzy styling make these pens the best I've ever used. I work at a grocery store, and a lot of pens don't write on the thermal receipt tape, but the Jetstreams have no problem. Even my customers comment on how nice it writes. I love the color of this green pen because it stands out, and no one else has a pen that looks this great! The colors of the pens are great (I'd love to see a purple ink), and the pencil is handy. I prefer the 0.7 mm line over the popular 0.5 mm, and I find that it's really not that thicker than 0.5mm pens. I own 2 other Jetstream multi pens in red and the hot pink, just so I'll never be without (in my purse, at work, and a spare!).
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