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Reviews Written by coneli_atoos

October 9, 2013
The case is perfect....
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The case is perfect. Color is beautiful and crisp. The case feels smooth. The right size, I can carry it with my hand. It fits well into my backpack. The zipper is great and smooth. The first two pages are fantastic. All my pens fit perfectly on the right side, and my pencils on the left (over 10 writing utensils).
My specs: LAMY pen, zebra multi, Frixion, Majorca Majolica multi pen, Pentel clic eraser. Pentel kerry, kuru toga, airlift lt, graphgear 60, pilot airblanc.....etc.
It does not feel crowded at all.
I like the fact that on the second page there is a little pocket and that covers the ends of my lead pencils.
On the last 2 pages, the mesh compartments are amazing. I love that I can fit 2 lead cases, my usb flash drive, hair clips, small ruler, box erasers, scissors, mini stapler.
Basically I feel like I have a first-aid kit/school supply arsenal for any (emergency) writing utensil occasion.

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October 9, 2013
The pen body is very...
Verified Purchase
The pen body is very smooth, not slippery though, so it fits good in my hand. The clear plastic seems that it can be worn down more easily, scratched and whatnot, but it is still a beautiful pen case. The weight is just right, not too heavy. I like that I was able to fit in 0.28 pens and customize what I like. I also collect Majolica Majorca makeup so seeing MM on here was terrific. The design is very cute. I hope they come out with more stuff.
If you like to customize your pens and love the pleasing colors of baby pink and mint green, go for it.

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