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Reviews Written by sugoii

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Pilot Hi-Tec-C Coleto 3 Color Multi Pen Body Component - Blue - PILOT LHKC-15C-TL
  I am ambivalent about..., August 28, 2010
I am ambivalent about the Coleto bodies. They are certainly functional, and surprisingly comfortable, and I am much more appreciative of these qualities after having tried the competitor multipen shell bodies for the Uni Style Fit and Slicci Multi. That said, still not hugely attractive. If not for the convenience of seeing the color of my refills, I would just load all my coletos into the body of the Zebra 4+1 Multipen.
Zebra Clip-On 4 Color 0.7 mm Ballpoint Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - White Body - ZEBRA B4SA1-W
  Attractive and reasonably..., August 28, 2010
Attractive and reasonably priced; I love that the ballpoint cartridges that come with this are fantastic writers. Another note is that the zebra in particular is good for modding hi tec coleto refills in, if you prefer this sturdier (and be-penciled) body to the coleto bodies.
Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen - 03 Fine Nib - Blue Black Ink - PLATINUM PPQ-200 3
  This is a fantastic writer,..., August 28, 2010
This is a fantastic writer, forget disposability! Note that the Japanese F nib is finer than European fountain F nib (compare, say, Lamy). It does go dry after long periods of disuse, but this is easily remedied by either rinsing quickly under a tap, or giving the cartridge a gentle squeeze (I did not get a huge glob shooting out or anything).
Lamy Calligraphy Pen Nib - 1.9 mm - LAMY LZ50-1.9
  A nice italic nib, with..., August 28, 2010
A nice italic nib, with the advantage of being completely modular with the Lamy Al-Star/Safari/Joy series. I like being able to trade between this and my workhorse F writing nib on the go - no mess, no worries. One thing to note is that this nib was quite dry for me. Maybe just due to the width?
Uni Jetstream Sport Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - Black Ink - UNI SXN-157S BLACK
  This ballpoint glides..., August 28, 2010
This ballpoint glides like a gel pen! Super impressed with the performance of my Jetstream. I get the gel pen experience with the lab solvent proofing of ballpoint! :) The .5 mm is also awesome, a tiny bit scratchy by comparison.
Uni-ball Signo UM-151 Gel Ink Pen - 0.28 mm - Emerald - UNI UM15128.31
  Beautiful color and performanc..., August 28, 2010
Beautiful color and performance. The Signo DXs have a much smoother write in my experience than Hi-Tec-C's (in contrast to the reviewer before me), with rare blips in ink flow. I plan to try this color in the 0.38 mm size too.
Uni-ball Signo UM-100 Gel Ink Pen - 0.7 mm - Light Green - UNI UM100.5
  Lovely color and fantastic..., August 28, 2010
Lovely color and fantastic writing performance. Compared to the Pilot Choose, the Signo UMs have a much more comfortable grip, and more eye-friendly chroma to their shades.
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Gel Ink Pen - 0.3 mm - Nature Colors - Ultramarine Blue - PILOT LH-20C3-UM
  This pen, in this color,..., August 28, 2010
This pen, in this color, is my favorite workhorse. Although there are occasional skips in ink flow, they are very infrequent, and this pen is otherwise a serious trooper. The ink color is very unique and striking.
Pilot Choose Gel Ink Pen - 0.7 mm - 12 Color Set - PILOT LCH-130F-12C
  While the .7 mm line..., August 28, 2010
While the .7 mm line is a bit wide for my preference, there is no denying the performance of these pens. They are not only beautifully designed on the outside, they write fantastically! The colors are lush, vibrant, and true to the caps. This set is a great value and makes an extremely attractive gift, to boot. :)
Pentel Slicci Gel Ink Pen - 0.25 mm - Rose Pink Ink - PENTEL BG202-P4
  As far as needle-point..., August 28, 2010
As far as needle-point micro gel pens go, the Slicci will always win in my heart for smoothest writing experience, no scratchiness or stuttering of ink flow. The rose pink color is also really unique - it's bright enough to pop as an accent color amidst my monotone notes, dark enough not to cause eye-strain like lighter pinks.

The only losing points of the Slicci: 1) tiny barrel is uncomfortable for marathon study sessions, 2) tiny barrel = very little ink, compared to the Hi-Tec Cs.
1 to 10 (of 16 ) 1 2