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This ink is not for fountain...
July 11, 2011
This ink is not for fountain pens and it required an extreme heat (ie: stove or hot halogen light) to make this invisible ink to be visible. I thought the ink will be visible from the heat of my finger such as the one in some check book, but it doesn't. I have to put the paper directly under my halogen table light for 7-10 seconds to change this ink into a blue shade. Not worth the money.
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I am a fan of carbon...
July 11, 2011
I am a fan of carbon fiber and this is a very unique pens. The first impression is .. this pen is very very light. The lightest fountain pen I ever use. But don't be fooled by its weight, it is a very comfortable writing instrument. The second impression ... OMG, I just spend $250 for a pen!!
Well, if you ask me if this pen worth $250, the answer is yes and no. I collect Tombow pens since they come out with a "fish shaped" pen in 1983. Ever since that, I own every single Tombow pens and pencils in every possible color and variation. So, yes I am crazy about tombow pens. So, for me, this pen worth every penny.
The barrel of this pen is made of real carbon fiber. Feel kind of like plastic but much more sturdier. It have a good balance with a superb nib. The nib itself is a tad thicker compare to the pilot nib. This medium nib is more like broad. This is the fountain pen that I use the most together with my Pilot Decimo. 4 stars for the premium price.
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I have this white Capless...
July 11, 2011
I have this white Capless Decimo and a few other Limited edition Pilot capless / vanishing point. They are sharing the same type of nibs so I can interchange different size of nib. I have fine, medium and broad nib but I really love this fine nib the most. The nib is a little bit flexible, so it give me some unique character when writing with this pen.
I carry this pen the most since it have a thinner and lighter barrel and the retractable nib is very convenience to have.
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I own about 15 different...
July 11, 2011
I own about 15 different shade of red ink from different company such as pilot, pilot iroshizuku, herbin, diamine, but there are only 2 different ink that I keep on coming back using them. This J Herbin Aniversary ink is one of them (the other one is iroshizuku momiji). This is a special ink, red blood color with a shade of gold. If you use a fine nib fountain pen, you won't notice the gold shade that much, but try to fill in your broad fountain pen or sometimes I use this ink on my pilot parallel 3.8mm ... the gold shade are amazing and the color are very astonishing. Not too bright but bright enough to catch your attention.
The only complain I have is the wax on the cap crack easily no matter how gentle you open the cap.
Anyway If you love red ink, you will like this ink. I know I am.
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Very nice and stylish...
July 11, 2011
Verified Purchase
Very nice and stylish converter. I use this converter on my Rotring Artpens, but it also fits my Tombow fountain pens as well. It's a nice touch to have a red line at the end of the piston, but I won't get this converter if it's not for my rotring pens. You can get the same quality pelikan converter for $2 less.
If you do get this converter, don't forget to pre-wash this converter before use. I notice a layer of oil inside the converter when I got it fresh from jetpens

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I have 9 or more different...
April 9, 2010
Verified Purchase
I have 9 or more different shade of blue ink in my collection from J herbin to Diamine. So far, in my opinion, Kon Peki is one of the best blue that I ever use. I use this ink with my Tombow Carbon 101 Medium nib. Very smooth and bright but not too bright. It's really hard to explain, very pleasant to the eyes. Although Pilot Iroshizuku is one of the most expensive ink, it worth every penny. Recommended!
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YES, this converter will...
February 11, 2010
Verified Purchase
YES, this converter will work with most pilot fountain pens including pilot parallel and decimo. The only thing that I don't like, since the front body part of parallel is semi-transparent, the ink will stuck in there after you dip the nib into ink. It's kind of annoyed me. The BEST solution and probably cheaper solution is Private Reserve Cartridge filling units (24CAR). You can refill any ink cartridge with any bottled ink. For parallel, you still have that small ball inside the cartridge to stir the ink and it hold much more ink than this converter too.
For other pilot fountain pens, this converter works wonder.
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