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Okay, so I may have received...
September 26, 2014
Okay, so I may have received a faulty pencil (or I lack the understanding to operate it), but the pencil I received seems to advance lead only when the top is not pressed. When I press it - which I presumed put it into 'lead-advancement mode' - it stops lead advancement. Other than that, the pencil works well, although I'm not super fond of the gel grip; it's a bit too soft for my tastes (but hey, I wouldn't have known that without trying it), and feels as though it'll rip off.
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This pencil ROCKS. As...
September 26, 2014
This pencil ROCKS. As a college student, having a dependable mechanical pencil is extremely beneficial. The shaker mechanism in this pencil works very well, although I have noticed some degradation of sensitivity over time - mind you this is after a year and a half or so, and having to shake a little harder is not that big of a deal. People are always amazed at the prospect of a shaker pencil, so it's a fun conversation starter too!
No one has reviewed this...
November 15, 2013
No one has reviewed this ink yet, so I thought I'd give my thoughts! Please note that I am not an expert, just an enthusiastic amateur.


+ Beautiful color, and I mean gorgeous. The purple is deep and rich, and dries quickly.
+ Affordable (are there cheaper inks? Sure, but - compared to other quality inks - this is great).
+ Very fluid, without being runny.
+ Doesn't bleed, at least not in my experience.


+ Packaging is minimal, but that's really not a problem; the ink arrived safely.
+ Sometimes the ink is darker than other times. This might not be the ink's fault, and in any case it's still pretty.
+ The ink doesn't automatically fill my pens and write my words for me.
+ I'm still unable to see through walls, no matter how much of this I drink.

Long story short, I LOVE this ink. Diamine is a staple for me. Quality ink from a respected company, and JetPens makes all purchases the simplest thing in the world.
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