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This Boxy eraser is the...
May 9, 2013
Verified Purchase
This Boxy eraser is the best eraser i have ever had.

First off, it does leave clumpy eraser shavings, but there a lot easier to see rather than white ones.
It lifts up my dark pencil marking like magic.

It can erode quickly, well, for me it did.
And it quite small, its about the size of you finger to the joint in the middle of it.

But I would recommend this eraser to anyone.
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I love this pencil. It...
May 8, 2013
Verified Purchase
I love this pencil. It hold every thing, literally. I have a miniture stapler, one nice pair of scissors, and a scientific calculator in the bottom pocket, and it holds t like it is nothing. The smallest pocket on top holds all of my erasers and lead. The last pocket on top holds my ten color pen with out any issues. This one of the best pencil cases i have ever had.
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These scissors are amazing....
December 12, 2012
These scissors are amazing. My scissors glide across paper, yes it freaks my teacher out.
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This pencil is great...
December 12, 2012
This pencil is great for school, because i don't have to ram my thumb back in to the end of the pencil.
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