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The punch has a very...
May 6, 2014
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The punch has a very limited capacity, I would say that at a maximum you can safely punch 4 sheets of normal paper or 1 sheet of manila folder stock. I use it on single sheets and does get the job done. Since I love those Twist Rings from Lihit Lab and their offer of papers to use with their ring system is rather limited, being that the case, this punch allows the use of other types of paper you might want to try. I use 98 birght paper from HP, then print my dot grid with a very subtle faded gray (using a pdf that i generated in the fantastic free site incompetech.com) and then I am all set.

I have to say that it is durable, It is still working after more than 500 punches, though it always leaves hanging chads that have to be removed manually, which can be annoying since you can easily ruin a piece of paper if you do not remove the chad with care.

PS> I wish that Lihit Lab made a more sturdier model, capable of punching more paper or if they do not plan to do that at least they could improve their paltry offerings of paper that works with their ring systems with a real variety of different kinds of paper: Grid Dots, Paper in different colors and weights, Blank Paper, Different Sizes etc.
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