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Reviews Written by rsanek

November 12, 2009
Great pen! I love it...
Verified Purchase
Great pen! I love it because it does what it says it will: erase with frixion. I've tried other forms of heat too, and it works, even putting in the freezer makes ink come back. However, this has a downside. I experienced some minor fading when I put things written with the Frixion in my pocket, enough to where it would bother me. However, it's a great pen overall, I just wish they would switch the eraser to the cap so you don't have to take it off every time to erase.

Blue is likely the second best color; blue-black is a more full, deep color.

November 12, 2009
I was quite disappointed...
Verified Purchase
I was quite disappointed by the pen. The lead that it supplies does not feel like normal lead, and the eraser is downright bad. It cannot erase completely as with other mechanical pencils or even the Pilot Frixion Point 04. However, the pencil is quite long, so it's good for people with large hands, but still isn't too heavy. Would not recommend buying.

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