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Reviews Written by rohit_tole

January 13, 2009
This is wooden body pencil....
This is wooden body pencil. Inside barrel is plastic, with a nice brass precision mechanism. The tip and the clip are nice matt aluminium finish. This pencil is well balanced and wooden grip is excellent. There is no doubt that Pilot makes some of the best quality pencils. Get one while it is still there. You will love it.

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January 13, 2009
This a one amazing pencil....
Verified Purchase
This a one amazing pencil. Made for those technology geeks and Engineers. Its one of the most adjustable pencil. You can adjust the sleeve length, lead adance length, and the type of lead. The clip is removable. You can also retract the sleeve fully by twisting the kurnled grip. Beware that if you turn any of the screw adjustment too hard, you will need a plier to fix it.
This pencil is all metal. Front heavy balanced. Lead wont break that easily for 0.3 mm.
Once again Ohto brings a marvelous design concept.
The only thing missing here is a manual in ENGLISH which tells you how to use this pencil and all the adjustments.

January 13, 2009
This pencil is well made....
Verified Purchase
This pencil is well made. Its heavy as it is all metal construction. It has a nice rubber grip. Eraser is concealed at the back. You need to unscrew the cap to reveal eraser. The sleeve is sliding one. However the concept of bodyknock is not very good one. It does not work well always. Its rather awkward for me, not that smooth and quick like push button pencils. But its an interesting pencil. Ohto has thought out of the box to design this pencil. I give 4 stars for the quality and concept.

January 13, 2009
This is a classy pencil....
This is a classy pencil. Its been there for long time. The design is classis, functional and elegant. The pencil has a nice glossy finish and feels nice to hold. Surprisingly its very light. Hopefully this pencil will serve me for many years. If not, I will buy another. I am just impressed!!!

January 13, 2009
I heard a lot about this...
I heard a lot about this little pencil and finally decided to get one for me. Wow!! this is one cute well made and functional pencil. Small size and smooth glossy finish. Nice to show off. The grip is just ok. The pencil lenght can be extended by attaching the cap at the back of pencil. This one is pocket safe due to the cap. I am impressed with the Ohto design and quality!!

January 13, 2009
I had been using this...
I had been using this pencil for more than 3 months now. Its an excellent pencil to write with. The lead rotates with each wrting stroke. This happens due to the neat gear mechanism (Kuru toga Engine) which turns each stroke into lead rotation. This is really helpful for writing. You will always get a sharp edge of lead, and thus uniform width letters. I have both 0.5 and 0.3 versions of this pencil. I have noticed that 0.5 pencil works best. The effect of kuru toga can be seen in 0.5 pencil while the 0.3 pencil is just too thin. You would not notice much of a difference here on 0.3 pencil.
I would rather say you really dont need Kuru Toga mechanism for 0.3 width lead.
Anyway 5 stars for the 0.5 Kuru Toga. I love it!!