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For erasing my H-grade...
June 22, 2013
Verified Purchase
For erasing my H-grade 0.5mm mechanical pencil lead, the Campus B/HB is the best eraser I have found--and I've tested about all of the block erasers here on Jetpens, among others (the Pentel Ain Dust-Gathering was my H-grade champ until Jetpens got the Campus B/HB back in stock). The Campus B/HB cleans H lead better than the other erasers, and is less smeary while doing so, making it very easy and dependable in use. It also rolls its shavings up into a nice big, easily removed roll.
The Campus 2B beats out...
June 11, 2013
Verified Purchase
The Campus 2B beats out my usual favorite, the Ain Dust-Gathering, when it comes to erasing soft lead--it definitely won out when erasing 4B Tombow Monos on smooth Bristol. It is also very good at gathering its shavings up into a convenient single thread as you erase.
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I tested pretty much...
June 10, 2013
Verified Purchase
I tested pretty much all the block erasers on JetPens, and this one--the Pentel Hi-Polymer Ain Dust-Gathering--was the best: better than the Uni Boxy, better than the Hinodewashi Matomaru-kun, better than the Pilot Foam, better than the other Pentel erasers, etc, etc, etc. In addition to just obliterating pencil marks like nothing else, it is pretty good at gathering its shavings into an easily cleaned up bunch, and although it is fairly soft it even seems to wear down slower than most of the other erasers here. Just excellent. My full eraser round-up article is here if you're interested: http://smbhax.com/cgi-bin/newsarchive.pl?p=1197
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I've been experimenting...
October 14, 2012
Verified Purchase
I've been experimenting with many drawing instruments purchased from JetPens for eight months now, but this is the first review I've written here--the Pro-Use II has inspired me.

When I found out there was something beyond mechanical pencils--namely drafting pencils--I went about finding out everything I could about them online. I was after one with a thick, solid grip, because I felt that would be easier ergonomically. After much looking around and reading reviews, it became clear that the Platinum Pro-Use II was the only choice.

When I received it I was surprised by just how short it is, but I have somewhat small hands, and after a few days of adjusting, it now feels almost like a part of me. The biggest adjustment was actually the balance; the short length makes it forward weighted, which was quite different than what I came to realize was the back-weighting of the long, decades-old (and still in great shape!) Pentel PD345 mechanical pencil I'd been using, which was further backweighted by a larger eraser stuck on the end. But I've found that the forward weighting of the Pro-Use II is the way to go--it inclines toward the drawing board and seems to make lines with almost no effort from me! In fact, from the very first drawing I made with it, I noticed an improvement in my drawing over what I'd been doing previously. I'm sure this is mostly a mental thing...but given the drawing improvement I've noticed since getting it, I can't help viewing this pencil as something almost magical.

The construction is cool, lightweight, and as solid as I can imagine is possible, despite the fact that if you want you can unscrew various parts and pare the pencil down to just the tip, grip, and inner lead-holding tube. Aside from that inner tube, which is plastic, the rest of the body seems to be very finely milled aluminum. By unscrewing the end of the pencil, you can remove the pocket clip, although I've left mine on since it prevents the Pro-Use II from rolling away when placed on a flat surface. There is a very tiny eraser under the end cap, which I have not tried using and do not intend to, since I prefer using standalone block erasers.

My favorite part of the Pro-Use II is the grip: nice and thick, initially cool to the touch, and knobbed with those lovely gentle undulating ribs that just seem made for fingertips to grasp with easy security--there's absolutely no slipping, sliding, squishing or grating like you may get with just about any other type of pencil grip. The Pro-Use II grip is a marvelous invention that should go down as a landmark in writing instrument design.

I'm a comic artist and the Pro-Use II has been my primary, daily drawing instrument for the past six weeks, during which time I've only come to like and admire it more and more. I use Pentel Super Hi-Polymer 0.5 mm H leads in it, which are pretty easy to find just about anywhere, and haven't had a single lead break or jam, despite having clumsily struck the tip of the pencil against the lower lip of my drawing table on numerous occasions.

Scans of a few pencil layouts I've done with the Pro-Use II:
http://smbhax.com/stuff/121009e17d102p.jpg (approx 16.5" wide)
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