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I like this pencil a...
October 20, 2012
I like this pencil a lot, it's managed to survive with me for a whole year so far, and I hope it won't get lost like all my other pencils :P!

The Pentel Graphgear 500 has it's pros and cons, though. The pros (for me);

- How indestructible it is. It's very durable (I dropped it once on it's point, but with a tiny tweak the tip straightened and it's never bent since! This is one of those rare pencils that can bounce back from an injury. I also like this grip, it might look painful and awkward but my fingers have liked it from the start.)

- It's weight. It's not insanely heavy, but it still settles in your hand comfortably. I like to clip my pencils to my shirt collar, and this pencil lets me do that since it's not so heavy that it tugs my shirt downwards but still has a nice heft to it.

- It's reliablity. This little guy hasn't choked on lead ONCE since I've had it, I kid you not! The clicking mechanism is very sound on this pencil, which is a MAJOR relief - who likes a lead-crunching pencil?! (not me!)


The cons;

- The clip. It slides on and off, which is nice for people who dislike the clip, but I personally like the clip and this pencil's clip tends to be a bit slippery.

- The eraser, but this is a complaint I have about a lot of pencils in general. The eraser is pretty small and short, and if you push down hard when you erase (like I do), the eraser slides in sometimes, which I find a bit annoying. However, my personal solution to this issue was to get a Pentel Tri-Eraser (a precision eraser who's unique triangular shape ensures you always have a precise tip to erase with), and now I save my GraphGear 500's eraser for small mistakes :).
i noticed my friend's...
January 27, 2011
Verified Purchase
i noticed my friend's blue one of these and then i got one too! this pencil has the thinnest lead i ever saw but its so stable! totally a great buy!
i LOVED this pencil!...
January 27, 2011
i LOVED this pencil! it has 6 functions-binder clip, eraser, 3 pens(red, blue & black) and a mechanical pencil! the sparkly metallic body is cool without being too flashy. to top it all off,this pencil just fits in my hoodie pocket! BUY THIS PENCIL!!! Its WORTH it!!!
its a good pen. only,...
January 23, 2011
its a good pen. only, if you're a press-hard-when-drawing person like me, pen leaves a shadow of a bleed-through . even when written with normally.but all in all, a good pen. like it as a set - i have the others too.
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my mom just showed me...
January 23, 2011
my mom just showed me this site and i discovered these pens that she got me a while ago! my pals cant get enough of these, and even wanted to swap other pens for them!I think they're best as a set, and i LOVE the soap scent!!!!!!!!Also the sakura one-and this set of pens has the best chocolate scent on a pen I've ever smelled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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