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Reviews Written by eugenebl

January 7, 2011
This pen is wonderful....
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This pen is wonderful. Unlike the black version, the red ink tends to flow out consistently and smoothly, although this does mean that it's not quite as good for "sketching" as the black pen. Its line is much thinner than the red 0.25mm Hi-Tec-C pen, but still smooth. The design is also very nice, and comfortable. I can also highly recommend the orange version of this pen, which has a very pretty ink colour; unfortunately, it's not sold by Jetpens anymore.

December 14, 2010
Everything has its use......
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Everything has its use... this pen I've found to be a great substitute for pencil sketching. It works very well when you make lots of short strokes when drawing something, and like a pencil its tone varies considerably. It is indeed "moody" as one of the other reviewers said, but this is another word for "variable tone", which you can use to your advantage if you learn its workings.

The thickness of the ink can vary from very, very light, to a little thicker than the 0.25 Hi-Tec-C.

It's not very good at all for making big, long straight strokes - you want the 0.25 Hi-Tec-C for those.

It's also probably not great as a writing pen, since as I said, it's more for short sketching strokes, and writers tend to write each letter without taking their hand off the page... the other coloured inks of these 0.18mm models come out a lot more readily than the black, and are probably better for writing.

December 14, 2010
A good pen, ink can actually...
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A good pen, ink can actually be the same or thinner than the 0.18 uni-ball. It is better for long, straight lines (eg. cross-hatching) than for short, sketchy ones that the uni-ball is good at. Its ink is much thinner than the Slicci, which is also 0.25. Sometimes the ink seems to stop flowing and things get a bit scratchy. Note: this pen is not waterproof, and will bleed strange purplish tones if exposed to water. The 0.18 uni-ball is waterproof.

Everything has its use, though. I use this pen to write small notes, and for cross-hatching in comics. It's good at both of those.

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December 14, 2010
This is a pretty nice...
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This is a pretty nice eraser actually, but there's a little bit of false advertising, as the triangular shape does NOT mean that there will always be a sharp point on it - rather, there will always be a sharp LINE, but this is much less precise for fine details than the now-discontinued "Tuff Stuff" eraser. So while not the best for very tiny precision erasing, it's actually very good for a more general usage. The eraser material is gentle but effective.

I keep two mechanical erasers in my pencil case - this one is what I usually use, and the Tuff Stuff for when I need to erase something very precisely.

December 14, 2010
Very nice lead for my...
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Very nice lead for my purposes; I use it for rough work before inking, because scanners don't pick up this shade of blue when scanning in black & white. It fades over time if exposed to sunlight (see the article on Dave's Mechanical Pencil blog), but this is okay if you work quickly or don't expose it to too much light. It could even be an advantage if you don't want the lines to stay. It's also very easily erasable.

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June 27, 2009
This pen isn't bad. But...
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This pen isn't bad. But I bought it along with the Uni-ball Signo DX UM-151 Gel Ink Pen (also 0.38 mm), and I've found that one to be much better, so I don't think I'll be using this one much.

Unlike this one, the Uni-ball doesn't stop making a line if you tilt it to the side a bit, only to suddenly give a thick one when you press a little harder or tilt it back upright. This pen is a bit fickle, in comparison - it doesn't have a lot of in-between, it either makes a line or it doesn't.

I think that it should be a pretty good pen for writing, actually, but not for illustration (which is what I bought it for). But the Uni-ball is a better pen all-around, good for writing AND illustration and it's almost the same price... so I'd recommend getting it instead.

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June 27, 2009
I might be in love. I...
Verified Purchase
I might be in love.

I bought this pen as well as the Pilot G-2 Gel Ink Pen (also 0.38mm). The Pilot is okay. This one is much better. For my purposes (illustration), it is perfect. Not only does it give a great line, but there are NO SURPRISES. It doesn't stop making a line if you tilt it to the side a bit, only to suddenly give a big thick one when you press a little harder. If you tilt this pen sideways, it still always gives a great line, but a thinner one. So you can use it both for light pen-sketching and for thick, unwavering lines.

There really have been no downsides. This is professional-quality.