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May 28, 2014
Bought it for the clip It...
Verified Purchase
Bought it for the clip
It opens wide, but has no retention strength. Won't stay clipped to a pocket with any confidence

May 28, 2014
The lead wobbles in the...
The lead wobbles in the retracting sleeve. It's slight, but you can feel it.
The clip is a really cheap feeling plastic, as is the silver tip part between the grip and the sleeve
The plastic upper body feels very nice for plastic, but the (nice) matte finish -will- scuff and discolor very easily, and is not easy to clean
The knurled grip feels good, not too smooth not too pointy
Locks open and closed with a little click. Doesn't feel heavy duty, but it's not going anywhere with normal use

May 16, 2014
Super smooth Super black Sup...
Verified Purchase
Super smooth
Super black
Super inky
This pen is definitely not for everyday writing, especially notebooks. The pen's lines barely fit between the lines of a notebook, and the really wet ink bleeds through. However, that's not what it's for. It's perfect for anything that needs big, dark, attention grabbing text.

May 3, 2014
The picture is deceiving 1....
Verified Purchase
The picture is deceiving
1. The ink is much more red in real life; it is not a transparent pink like the picture
2. The line isn't even close to being as thick as the lines in the picture
The picture also looks as if the ink only lays down evenly 1/2 time. Again, not true, the line is totally solid, which many broad point pens fail to do. I don't even think the test picture was written using one of these pens; it looks more like a dying Sharpie.
This is the smoothest writing pen I own, and although it writes very nice, it does not look or feel like it's a huge 1.5mm pen, so it is rather disappointing in that regard.

May 3, 2014
Color isn't quite like...
Verified Purchase
Color isn't quite like the picture!
The color in real life looks much more like the color of turquoise jewelry, much brighter than the color in the picture. Indeed, it lives up to its name, but as a result, it doesn't really look like a blue that would be acceptable in a professional environment, which is what I bought it for personally.

As for the pen itself, it writes just like any other .7mm Pilot G-2. If you don't know what that's like, you've probably been living under some sort of mineral formation somewhere.

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May 2, 2014
Pay attention to the...
Verified Purchase
Pay attention to the dimensions! This thing is tiny. It's only 80 cents though, so who cares. Erases very well, but nothing magical or mind blowing. One thing I did notice is that the eraser body is very clean after use; no frilly bits are left on the eraser itself. I'd suggest getting the bigger one instead.

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May 2, 2014
Writes slightly, but...
Verified Purchase
Writes slightly, but noticeably finer than my .35mm Pentel Energel. Slightly scratchy, which some consider to be a negative but I don't necessarily. Writes very nice overall.

The color -
Blue-black, just like the picture, but only in bright lighting. Looks pretty much like plain black in dim lighting. A fun alternative to black or blue in a professional setting where black and blue are the only acceptable colors. I don't think anyone will have a problem with you writing in this color.

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May 2, 2014
Would totally buy ASAP...
Would totally buy ASAP if it were available!

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