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Great! If you are a...
July 12, 2016

If you are a pen nut like me, you will be curious if these fit the Tradio line. Sadly, no. There is a little wide part (I'll call it a collar) that's not on the Tradio refills.

However, these refills do fit great in my Pilot Vega Gel (aka Dr Grip) pens -- with the chubby barrels. There's obviously no eraser on a Vega pen, but I like the heft, and anyway when writing with the Frixion pen you have to uncap, anyway, so may as well just use an external eraser.
Love it! Somehow the...
January 12, 2016
Verified Purchase
Love it! Somehow the needlepoint gives me a little more visibility of the page to write tidier. I have lots of the rollerballs and love them, too. This is very smooth, and purple is dark enough to be readable easily.
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The name "Sky Blue" and...
July 21, 2015
Verified Purchase
The name "Sky Blue" and the label color aren't as accurate. I think the color is even prettier, and deeper and darker, more like turquoise. (Sky Blue makes me pale.)

It's deep enough to pass for a "professional" blue, imo. I think you will love it!
Great! Also, this refill...
June 7, 2015
Great! Also, this refill fits my Pilot Vega Gel pen, which has a chubby barrel and a snap up/down action. Great!
Good price and nice dark...
June 3, 2015
Verified Purchase
Good price and nice dark lines. I compared with the OHTO Graphic Liner 1.0mm and the line thickness (of the Envelope Fine) is similar. However, on an uncoated envelope, you can tell this one is much dark than the OTHO. I'd say this about 0.7mm. There's a smell, but not very strong to me. I like the non-smudgy-ness.
I've used this pen for...
June 12, 2014
Verified Purchase
I've used this pen for about a month. It's very smooth, and the shape of the pen and tip make it so my hand is a little farther away from the page, which I like. It writes well on several types of paper (nice paper, crummy paper, photocopy paper). The green color is standard, but could be a little different/jazzy and that would make me even happier. But for this price this pen writes very well and isn't tragic to lose.
I notice no difference...
December 8, 2013
Verified Purchase
I notice no difference between this blue-black and black ink. (I bought an orange jetstream and this one, and wrote side-by-side on the same paper.)

While I love the orange one, this style pen is also useful and pretty. I love the dark color and silver-y accents. It feels solid in the hand. The cap (as opposed to push-type) is nice because sometimes push-tops stain the insides of my bags.

Certainly feels much more upscale than $3!
I love these. I love...
September 14, 2013
Verified Purchase
I love these. I love mini things, and use the different colors for different types of notes. They turn smoothly in my B5 notebook. The thickness is just right - not like index cards, and not thin like paper. The colors are soft, so you get good contrast with your writing.
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So cute! I wanted to...
August 21, 2013
So cute! I wanted to mention how the rings work: the "spine" is like the tube in a ball-point pen. You push on the top, and the force transfers to a little spring at the bottom of the notebook. Then the rings can be opened, all at once. I was confused if it was like the Lihit-Lab, which seems to open in sections. I like this mechanism -- all the rings at one time.

I also wondered whether this A5 paper could fit into my Campus B5 26-hole notebook. It can, but with some labor. The ring-holes align, but to make the notebook pretty, there aren't top-bottom rings. If you put it into a B5 binder, you will have to trim the corners off the top or bottom where the B5 notebook has rings.

I like this a lot, for carrying in a really small bag, when even the B5 is too big.
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The color is the classic...
March 3, 2013
Verified Purchase
The color is the classic highlighter-yellow, and as advertised doesn't smear over ink-jet printing. The cap is secure when closing the pen, but a little loose when placed on the end of the pen (in active use).

I also bought the little pot of refill ink, but I haven't needed it yet, after several months. It seems to last a long time, probably due to the chubby barrel.

I like the flat shape -- easier to control when marking text.

So these are the reasons I have abandoned the other highlighters in my desk. Too bad -- I have some nice Mildliners and Staedtler highlighting pencils, but I this one is the one I use all the time.
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