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October 14, 2011
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I bought this pencil to try it out for sketching, as I prefer mechanical pencils for that. As a sketching tool, I found the Kuru Toga mechanism didn't have much effect. While the pressure needed to advance the mechanism is small enough to be well within comfort range for writing, for sketching I tend to prefer a lighter touch, and so the mechanism rarely activates.

The fact that he mechanism is pressure activated gives the tip a bit of "squish" in terms of controlling your line strength via pressure. This combined with the slow/infrequent activation at lower pressures actually serves to promote line width unpredictability rather than consistency.

Ergonomically it's very nice though. The combination of knurling and slightly thicker barrel (1cm) makes for a very comfortable no-slip grip (many drafting pencils I've tried have very skinny barrels that feel awkward in my long-ish fingers). It seems very well constructed over all, and I did not find the plastic sections objectionable.

For writing I'd give it four stars: I can see this being a satisfyingly good tool for that, and that's what most people who are reading these reviews are looking for, it would seem.

For sketching I would give this only two stars. It sits very comfortably in the hand, but the Kura Toga mechanism kinda works against you rather than for you.

As a P.S., this uses size C (3.4mm) erasers. Just putting that out there for folks who want to pick up extras in the same order (like I wanted to, but couldn't because the info wasn't in the description).
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