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Not bad lead-- it writes...
May 16, 2012
Not bad lead-- it writes smooth and has a decent colour-- a bit more pink as the other reviewer mentioned, rather than a true red, but not bad. Biggest drawback about this lead for me is that it really doesn't erase well. Even light strokes fail to erase completely. Strange, because its light blue brother erases completely very easily.
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I love this pencil, and...
May 16, 2012
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I love this pencil, and more specifically, the lead inside the pencil. It writes smoothly and erases cleanly. I really wish I could give it a full "Good" rating except it has two drawbacks: the lead is very soft and even with a light hand you're constantly clicking out more lead. But worst drawback is that this lead fades in light, and sometimes very quickly. Even in indirect, artificial light your lines will fade to barely visible in a few weeks. In bright natural light I've had my drawing disappear in just a few minutes. I've experienced this on several different papers (and true, some papers are worse offenders than others), but this stuff just isn't very light-fast.

-writes smoothly
-goes under inks nicely

-very soft
-not light-fast
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