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This is by FAR the best...
July 11, 2010
Verified Purchase
This is by FAR the best pencil I own. I've had pens with great squishy grips and shaker technology, but all that is nothing compared to the features of this pencil. I can't write without it! This pencils makes my hanwriting look soooo much neater and thinner I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Best purchase I've made from jetpens, or any pen site for that matter. BUY THIS!!!!!!!
I ordered this a while...
May 7, 2010
I ordered this a while ago and they were O.K.
I really loved the colors in the picture but the ink is slightly different. The orage is darker and really not that nice. They were kinda spotty too.... but the clip is good.
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Please restock...
May 5, 2010
Please restock
Please restock!...
November 21, 2009
Please restock!
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September 1, 2009
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I bought these pens in...
August 16, 2009
I bought these pens in a North American drug store. I was excited to use them since they received such good reviews. However, I was disappointed. They dried much like a charcoal color not a nice black that pens such as the G-2 gel pens produce. I also noticed an inconsistency in the ink flow. Also, when I erased the paper turned out to be wrinkled creating an unattractive appearance. This was due to the amount of effort I had to use in order to get the pen completely off the paper. I regret purchasing these. But also, to readers, I am a pen snob. These are decent pens for those who are a little more flexible in quality. I would HIGHLY recommend the newer model of these that is available on the website C:
these look awesome! PLEASE...
August 13, 2009
these look awesome! PLEASE RESTOCK
its a nice shaker, but...
July 25, 2009
its a nice shaker, but the grips suck D:
Although its alright for pen spinning n__n
I loved it...at first....
July 24, 2009
I loved it...at first. But it wasn't long after that the tip broke (bent) :P I couldn't use it after and I felt like it was a huge waste of money...
I got a pencil similar...
July 24, 2009
I got a pencil similar to this through a different store and I absolutely LOVED IT!!!
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