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Reviews Written by tiscaleb

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Kokuyo KadoKeshi Stick Mini Twist Eraser - White - KOKUYO KESHI-HU600W
  Definitely looks cool,..., September 19, 2010
Definitely looks cool, and it is definitely well-built, but I just can't find the functionality. Even though it has all these corners, the more I used it the more it revealed to me that it was a gimmick. I prefer a Pink Pearl to it.
Uni-ball Signo MF3 2 Color 0.5 mm Gel Ink Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - Clear Body - UNI MUE405.T
  Not a bad pen, but the..., September 19, 2010
Not a bad pen, but the quality of the components is lacking. The black and red pens don't write very well. The grip is good, and so is the mechanism that switches between the parts. Looks good.
Pentel Tradio EnerGel Combo Gel Ink Pen - Nature Matte Body - 0.7 mm - Brown Body - Black Ink - PENTEL TRL92E-A
  Pretty good pen. Although..., September 19, 2010
Pretty good pen. Although the finish looks delicate, I quickly found out that it is surprisingly durable. The inside of the pen cap is not up-to-par with the body of the rest of the pen. It is quite light. The grip is mediocre. Writes well, and looks great though.
Zebra Surari Emulsion Ink Pen - 0.7 mm - Dark Black Body - Black Ink - ZEBRA BN11-DBK
  Very good pen is comparable..., September 19, 2010
Very good pen is comparable to the Uniball Jetstream. This is not exactly smear-proof. The pen is well-built and durable. Definitely worth the money.
Zebra Sharbo X LT3 Pen Body Component - Gray - ZEBRA SB22-GR
  Great pen. Overall, the..., February 1, 2010
Great pen. Overall, the price doesn't seem to be that bad after using it. I ONLY need this pen, considering it has a pencil and eraser (not to mention two colors). It's extremely durable, and the mechanism is polished and pristine (the twisting mechanism). I've dropped this pen twice, and each time there was a different outcome. Once it came out unscathed, and the other, flawed. Still, I am surprised by the durability of this pen. I'm not sure whether to buy a new one now, but that's beside the point, try it!
Uni Style Fit 5 Color Multi Pen Body Component - Black - UNI UE5H258.24
  At the time, Jetpens..., January 7, 2010
At the time, Jetpens was not selling the Jetstream parts, but now there are. Now it is five stars!
Pilot FriXion Point 04 Gel Ink Pen - 0.4 mm - Blue Black - PILOT LF-22P4-BB
  Writes smoothly, erases..., August 12, 2009
Writes smoothly, erases cleanly, built solidly, only complaint, ink color is washed out, but tolerable.
Uni Kuru Toga High Grade Auto Lead Rotation Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - White Body - UNI M510121P.1
  You get what you pay..., July 27, 2009
You get what you pay for, and this saying doesn't disappoint when dealing with this pen. The aluminum grip is very sleek, and the contrast of the black eraser to the white body has some visual appeal to me. The pen feels very solid. My only complaint, although it is small, is that you can see the Kura Toga mechanism like in her cheaper counterparts. Very gut!
Uni Jetstream 3 Color Ballpoint Multi Pen - 0.5 mm - White Body - UNI SXE340005.1
  The barrel looks sleeker..., July 27, 2009
The barrel looks sleeker than her 0.7 counterpart. The ink cartridges work as Jetstream inks should, solid, complete lines.
Uni Style Fit 5 Color Multi Pen Body Component - Black - UNI UE5H258.24
  I am a little disappointed..., July 27, 2009
I am a little disappointed with this pen. Reading the explanation of the pen, I thought it accepted Jetstream pen cartridges. If someone can correct me, please do! I really want to be corrected on whether Jetstream cartridges actually work with these. Besides that, the mechanism that changes the pen colors is a little nonresponsive. It may take a few tries. The pens that do work with this work great! The five color barrel may be too large for people who like smaller barrels, but that's a matter of taste. I like several colors at once! The pen body is sleek, also.
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