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Great pencil! Love using...
June 20, 2012
Great pencil! Love using it! Mine's orange, and I love that no one else in the office can mistake it for one of their own boring drab pencils. Auto-rotating lead and a clear mechanism make this a great pencil.
Looks like a fish, then...
June 19, 2012
Verified Purchase
Looks like a fish, then empties the pencil shavings like a steam shovel bucket. What's not to like? If you're looking for a basic sharpener that won't let its shavings make a mess, get this sharpener!
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Great grab-n-go pen if...
June 18, 2012
Great grab-n-go pen if you need multiple colors and you don't want to carry multiple pens. The ink goes on paper well, but it's not very bold. If you're going to write on something delicate, you may want to go with a different pen.
Really like this case...
June 17, 2012
Verified Purchase
Really like this case A LOT. I'd say I love it, but I reserve that word for my girlfriend! Let's just say, if I knew she would never see this review, I would feel very inclined to say I love this case! It's perfect for the pens/pencils I want to use at home AND at work. It's not bulky at all, but seems to hold more than it really should. I actually tried to win this from Gourmet Pens. I didn't win, and because the review on that blog gave this case such high praise, I immediately purchased it! Would highly recommend this case, and might even buy another in a different color.
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