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I love field notes notebooks....
December 5, 2012
I love field notes notebooks. I love this edition because it brings back the feeling of a time when the US was proud of it's farms and produced it's own food, when buying local was the only way you could buy! These are great little notebooks I use for everything, and this set has a lot of history and spirit.
I bought this to match...
November 5, 2011
I bought this to match my Lamy fountain pen. I love the sleek look, the feel, the sturdiness, the barrel size and strong clip. My dislikes are the cap, which is tiny and lost easily, and the lead it comes with (it was very pale). I am using it as an everyday pencil, so I don't have high standards for performance. I don't care about replacing the lead, but I would like to see a redesign that prevents you from losing that tiny cap.
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