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Reviews Written by lesliebrenden

July 11, 2012
LOVE IT!! Great price! I...
Verified Purchase
Great price!
I bought the black one also. Both are great and write a superfine skip-free line.
I think that I should stock up on a them.

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July 11, 2012
LOVE IT! That said,...
Verified Purchase
That said, I'm a bit of a pen brat, I get a handful of faves and ignore the other hundred, sticking my nose up at the thought of using them, over my present faves. Then, I reluctantly pull-out one of the exiled pens to try again and realize that it is has NOW become my new favorite. Or I get a new fountain pen and start to write with it, always comparing it to the last one that I just used. I usually give the new pen an unfair shake - it's gotta prove itself before I will allow myself to rejoice over it. Sometimes that process takes a few pages and an ink or two.
Some pens get my approval and are welcomed into the collection within minutes, however some, especially fountain pens take a little patience before they feel right. So I'm learning to be patient.

This is my second Lamy. (I have the Safari EF) It seemed as though the Safari wrote beautifully right off. Now, upon first using the Vista it - of course - wrote well right out of the box! However, the line seemed so bold. I was almost convinced that it was a different nib than was on the Safari. Upon comparison they are the same nib. Before getting frustrated, I kept writing/drawing and trying to enjoy this beauty. YAAAAY!! My patience paid off. I'm learning that some fountain pens take a little finessing. That's all. Even the exact same model with the same nib may write differently (temporarily). These nibs are responsive, not "flexi" nibs, but the do have some "give".
If you have a light touch you get a finer line, if you have a heavy hand then you will get a slightly bolder line.
I will buy more!

July 11, 2012
LOVE IT!! If you love...
Verified Purchase
LOVE IT!! If you love fountain pens, and love an extra fine line then this is the pen for you!!!!!!! As usual, my Jet Pens order arrived on the third business day!!!!!! It always seems that I place an order, turn around and there it is!!
Oddly enough the line quality of this pen (and the clear body which I also purchased) is like the Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.25. Seems like I'm always happy with a Pilot product.
This pen started up right out of the box (not really a box). It writes a smooth skip-free line.
I use this pen and my other fountain pen for drawing/sketching so they have to be able to make a line with all stroke directions - side to side, up or the usual down stroke.
Additional note for lefties:
I am ambidextrous, albeit right hand dominant. So, though I use most fine-point pens with my right hand I checked the writability of this pen with my left hand and it worked just fine.

July 5, 2012
I bought this pen 6 months...
Verified Purchase
I bought this pen 6 months ago and fell in love with it! At the same time I bought the Sailor Desk Fountain Pen, extra fine which I also love. The two pens are very similar both in body and performance and the differences are slight but welcome.
I just received my latest order from JP and as usual I see that there will be at least one or more "favorites" in the new bunch.
All the new pens reminded me of how happy I am with this great little pen, and left me wondering why I hadn't just ordered a second one for use with other colors.
Oh well, it gives me an excuse to place another order next month - or next week.

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July 5, 2012
It's not my favorite...
Verified Purchase
It's not my favorite low-priced fountain pen, but it's pretty good for sketching. The nib is sturdy yet quite stiff. It writes/draws a bit scratchy (which can be good for sketchie drawings). It's a very fine line and I usually like the extra-fine nibs, however this one seems "sharp".
The sepia ink is a bit lighter than I'd have liked.
Over all, for the price it's a "must-try"!!

July 5, 2012
My first Lamy, and it...
Verified Purchase
My first Lamy, and it won't be the last!! LOVE IT!! I have been using other less expensive fountain pens for drawing, and though I am happy with them, the look, feel and performance of the Lamy clearly makes it superior.
I look forward adding other Lamy fountain pens to my small but growing collection.

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July 5, 2012
Verified Purchase
I bought this pen and the Platinum Carbon back in January 2012. Love both pens for slight differences. And for their great price I was able to buy both.
My complaint is that when I received my new, second Sailor today I noticed that it looked a little different than the one that I bought in January. After I compared it the the two I see that the nib and nib casing are completely different. The body looks the same to the naked eye but the cap fits differently.
This new pen is scratchy and the nib is stiffer than the one that I bought in January. I will continue to work at breaking this one in, though I don't remember having to "break-in" the older one. It's still a nice product, but if I'd have bought this version first I may have never bought a second one.
I read all the reviews and no one has seemed to notice this idiosyncrasy. So I write this mostly for those of you who are purchasing a second or third pen and expecting the old version.

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